International singer-songwriter and the voice behind the bestselling 80’s band Fra Lippo Lippi, PER SORENSEN is here in the Philippines to promote his new solo album – MASTER OF IMPERFECTION under Universal Records and his concert with another popular 80’s band TEARS FOR FEARS at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on August 10 and Waterfront Cebu on August 12.

Per sorensen

His new album, Master of Imperfection highlights the endearing vulnerability of Per’s voice, where melancholia pours down to the cracks of these tracks.  The album has Loneliness as his first single and a cover of James Taylor’s Fire and Rain as well as the Fra Lippo Lippi multi-cultural hit “Beauty and Madness.”

Master of Imperfection Tracklist

  • 1.  I Hurt You
  • 2. Tell Me Once
  • 3. Will I Recognize
  • 4. Beauty and Madness
  • 5. Later
  • 6. The Truth Behind Our Lies
  • 7. Loneliness
  • 9. The Waiting Game
  • 9. It Could Be Nice
  • 10. Fire and Rain

I was able to meet and talk with one of my favorite musician yesterday during a presscon for Per Sorensen’s new album at the Universal Towers.  I am sort of an 80’s kid and I remember Fra Lippo Lippi’s music defining the new wave era here in the Philippines with songs like ‘Everytime I see You’ and ‘Shouldn’t Have to be Like That.’

What is behind the album title Master of Imperfection?

“Master of Imperfection” is part of the lyrics from the song ‘Will I Recognize’ included in the album.  Also, it tells about myself as well.  I have gone through with my own share of imperfections most especially with my mental health.  I was diagnosed and treated for depression years ago.

Where was the album recorded?

The album was produced by Hakon Iversen and recorded at Cinema Studios in Nesodden, South of Oslo, Norway.  I have written most of the songs in the album with Kari Iveland except ‘Beauty and Madness’ which I wrote with Kristoffersen and Fire and Rain which is a James Taylor original.

Who is Per Sorensen on a normal day?

I love reading books and biographies.  I enjoy silence and the company of my family.  I love running into the woods with my dog Lucy and just listen to the birds.

Musical influences?

I fell in love with Carol King and her music when I was 15 and have used her music in Tapestry as my inspiration in learning to play the Piano.  I later learn songwriting after that.

What songs in the album are you most proud of?

Beauty and Madness is my favorite.  Its like I didn’t have to write it, it’s very organic.

Are your children into music as well?

My youngest son Jack sings, he’s a fan of punk bands.  My eldest son sings and plays keyboards and for the first time, he will join me in the concert with Tears For Fears at the Smart Araneta Center on August 10 and at the Waterfront Hotel Cebu on August 12

How many songs will you be playing during the concert?

I am just opening for Tears for Fears, it’s not a back-to-back thing but I will be playing around 10 songs including some of my songs from the Fra Lippo Lippi days.

After the interview I quickly transformed into my fan mode and had my copy of his album signed. 🙂

Here’s a video of Per Sorensen inviting fans to get a copy of his album:

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