Joining the Tindahan ni Aling Puring lineup is the emerging hip-hop artist Flow G. He recently teased the collaboration by sharing a video on Instagram showing him recording in the studio with a Puregold bag clearly visible.

As the nation’s most sought-after artists eagerly prepare to showcase Puregold’s iconic green and gold colors, the brand is also getting ready to unveil Flow G for their highly anticipated campaign.

The rapper joins an impressive posse of musical talents led by alternative pop band SunKissed Lola and the nation’s girl group BINI. While the tripartite pact of BINI, SunKissed Lola, and Flow G might seem quirky, it only highlights Puregold’s intent to promote Filipino musicians of different genres.

Flow G, whose real name is Archie dela Cruz, is often credited for ushering in a new era in Pinoy hip-hop and OPM. Aware of the status and responsibility that come with it, Flow G now seeks to join Puregold in boosting appreciation for Pinoy music and telling the kind of stories that resonate with Filipinos.

It’s been a wild journey for Flow G from the time the rapper gained popularity in the mid-2010s. After getting his career off the ground, Flow G dealt with various speed bumps that included detractors, diss tracks, and the challenges that come with making a name outside their collective. Undaunted, Flow G and his hit songs like “RAPSTAR” and “High Score” powered on and has since realized success. Flow G now aspires to use this collaboration with Puregold and share his panalo story of moving forward with, and pushing for, one’s passion.

Stay tuned as fans of FlowG, BINI, SunKissed Lola, and OPM are enjoined to watch for the sonic adventure that Puregold and its collaborators are ready to bring.

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