Twenty years after, the ENCHANTED KINGDOM of Sta. Rosa Laguna is still a bustling place in the south of Mega Manila!

Enchanted Kingdom

This huge pioneering theme park in the Philippines which opened in October of 1995 still draws a huge crowd today especially during the holidays and summer.  The park is closed though during the Holy Week, but park schedules resume on weekends.

Because of its close proximity to Metro Manila and its wide variety of attractions, it has become one of the most sought after venues for personal, corporate and school events and field trips.  Like Disneyland and Universal Studios, it boasts of themed entertainment divided in several park zones that can accommodate up to 25,000 visitors a day.


Enchanted Kingdom recently added three new attractions – AIR RACE, DISK-O MAGIC and 7D Interactive Motion Theater.

7D is the first interactive motion theater attraction in the Philippines that features seamless and advanced multimedia experience.  It features the new XD Dark Ride, a 7D Interactive Light Gun Motion Ride that offers an incredible multi-sensory interactive adventure. Players are equipped with light guns that are used to fight off and defeat on-screen characters, scoring points in the process. It redefines the motion simulation theater category by combining 3D Graphics, state-of-the-art motion technology and 4D Effects with multi-player gaming action.

Enchanted Kingdom

AIR RACE is composed of six acrobatic planes that can fly four (4) passengers each. Famous for its simulation of acrobatic exhibition flights, this thriller ride banks, loops, dives, and mimics weightlessness as each plane rotates either 180o or 360o  while revolving  around a central tower.

Enchanted Kingdom

DISK-O MAGIC is a fun and breathtaking family ride that takes its riders on a spinning and rocking adventure of motion. This state-of-the art ride from Italy has 24 motorcycle-like pedestal seats that maximizes visual impact for onlookers and riders alike.

Enchanted Kingdom
Enchanted Kingdom

Aside from the new attractions, Enchanted Kingdom have a lot more to offer visitors for a full day of fun and excitement in the different Park Zones.  The park can provide you with a map of the whole facility but it can be confusing still.  To help you plan your visit there, here’s a quick-and-easy outlined itinerary for you from entrance to exit.

Enchanted Kingdom

The GRAND GATEWAY of course is the park’s entrance and exit.  This is where you buy your tickets and where the guest relations office and security office is located.  So, for any concern just head on to the Grand Gateway area.  They also have in that area everything that you’ll ever need before and after your park adventure like restrooms, loading stations, photo services, ATM machines, locker rental, stroller rental and souvenir shops like the ELDAR’S SPECIALTY SHOPPE and PRINCESS VICTORIA’S DREAM SHOP.

Enchanted Kingdom

Victoria Park

After entering, you can choose to go either the LEFT or RIGHT side of the park.  But whichever way you choose, the very first attraction you’ll see at Enchanted Kingdom is the VICTORIA PARK.  It’s a beautiful garden space with a dancing water fountain as a centerpiece – have your first pictures taken here.

Enchanted Kingdom

Here’s a tip.  If you have lots of kids with you, GO RIGHT.  If most of your company are thrill-seeking adults then GO LEFT.  If you’re alone and you just want to commune with nature and reflect then stay at VICTORIA PARK or, you could just stay home and GO TO SLEEP.

Let’s GO LEFT, shall we?

First major attraction you’ll see is the DISK-O MAGIC.  Around it are some GAME BOOTHS, FOOD STALLS and the DISK-O-DINE area.   Across it you’ll see the FLYING FIESTA.  Both are rides that SPINS, so if you have a weak constitution, make sure that you’ve not eaten yet before taking these rides.

Enchanted Kingdom
Enchanted Kingdom


Next Park Zone is the PORTABELLO which houses the famous RIO GRANDE RAPIDS ride.  This ride is wet and wild – literally.  But don’t fret, for 150 pesos you can get all your clothes dry in minutes with the two MAGIC DRYER BOOTHS in the area.  Also at PORTABELLO is the seasonal Horror House Attractions PAGPAG and KUBOT.


Moving forward at the SPACEPORT Park Zone, you’ll find the new 7D INTERACTIVE MOTION THEATER and  ELDAR’S TENT, as well as the AIR RACE, NAVIGATOR, SPACE SHUTTLE and FUN KART rides!

Enchanted Kingdom

By this time, you might have already built up an appetite or have used up all your strength.  The far back and central area of Enchanted Kingdom contains the BANDSTAND FOODCOURT that contains a variety of food stores from refreshing buko drinks to Japanese rice meals.  Take a quick restroom break or charge your mobile devices also in this area.  Aside from the foodcourt, it also houses the LAUNCHTIME RESTAURANT and AMAZON GRILL.

If you think you’re done with the excitement while on break mode, sneak out and join the fun at the many SKILL GAME BOOTHS and get a chance to take home a prize.  Go on a LAZER MISSION, smooth sail at SWAN LAKE or do a bit of competitive water driving with BUMP N’ SPLASH.

Enchanted Kingdom

Make your break time even more relaxing at LAKE SPA or have a relaxing view of the whole theme park by riding the huge WHEEL OF FATE.

Jungle Outpost

After your quick break, head on over to the JUNGLE OUTPOST zone.  Take a dip riding the JUNGLE LOG JAM or rock the boat with ANCHOR’S AWAY.  And why you’re at it, why not try HENNA TATTOO and FACE PAINTING for that ultimate Jungle wild experience.

Brooklyn Place

How about going on a time-travelling experience at the BROOKLYN PLACE.  It is a theater and shopping zone inside the park designed after 1940’s Brooklyn, New York.  This is the most photographed area in the whole facility.  While you’re there, try watching the 3D theater of RIALTO.

Enchanted Kingdom

Midway Boardwalk

From Brooklyn to the MIDWAY BOARDWALK.  Most of the exclusive events are held in this area especially at the BOARDWALK PARTY PLACE.  Across it is the MIDWAY GAMES AND VIDEO ARCADE.  Rides in this area includes the mini version of the Space Shuttle called ROLLER SKATER, a bump car ride at DODGEM and the EKSTREME TOWER that will literally bring you up 10 story high slowly and drop you.

There are also a lot of SKILL GAME BOOTHS in this part of the park.


For the kiddos, go straight to the BOULDERVILLE zone which is right beside Midway and Victoria Park.  Older kids will enjoy the BOULDERVILLE EXPRESS, STONE EGGS, DINO SOAR’US, AIR PTERODACTYL, BOULDERVILLE KIDDIE BUMPER BOATS, BUMBLING BOULDERS, BOUNCING BOULDER and  UP UP AND AWAY.

Toddlers can play all day at the PETREEFIED HOUSE.  Visit also the ROCK QUARRY, TIME DEPOT and STONE AGE SOUVENIR SHOP.

I think that’s about all of it.  So, enjoy!


Regular Day Pass is at 500 pesos on weekdays and 600 pesos on weekends.  For kids below 48 inches, Regular Day Pass is at 250 pesos on weekdays and 320 pesos on weekends.  Children below 36 inches are FREE!  Enchanted Kingdom is open from Wednesday to Sunday except when the park is reserved for a private function, so be sure to check out their website before going.  Operating time also varies.


Via EK SHUTTLE: Enchanted Kingdom is located at San Lorenzo South, Santa Rosa, Laguna.  A shuttle service is available at the Intercontinental Hotel, open parking, Ayala Center (beside SM City Makati, across Ayala MRT station and EDSA car park).  Roundrrip fare is 300 pesos, one way is 150 pesos.  You may call 830-3535 for schedules and assistance.

Via BUS: JAM and JAC bus stations are located at Pasay City near Buendia LRT Station – the route you’re looking for is Balibago (Waltermart, Sta. Rosa, Laguna).  Fare is 61 pesos.

Via UV Express: There are UV Express vans at Star Mall EDSA Crossing that can take you to Balibago (Waltermart, Sta. Rosa, Laguna).  Fare is 80 pesos.

Travel time is usually 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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