This is with regards to recent rumors and negative posts circulating on social media that allege Police General Rommel Francisco Marbil, the newly appointed chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), is removing the rice allowances of PNP personnel and donating them to persons deprived of liberty (PDL).

In a press statement, PNP Chief Marbil categorically denies these baseless accusations, stating that he has not issued any directive concerning the rice allowances of PNP personnel nor does he have any intention to do so. These malicious attacks are clearly orchestrated by individuals seeking to discredit Chief Marbil, who has expressed his commitment to restore the reputation of the police force through smart policing methods. It is evident that those who have tarnished the name of the PNP are resorting to fabricating lies to malign his policies as the new PNP chief and incite these unwarranted attacks.

Under Chief Marbil’s leadership, the PNP is dedicated to shifting away from the language of “war” in addressing the country’s illegal drug menace. The term “war on drugs” has unfortunately become associated with widespread human rights abuses in the past. Chief Marbil aims to introduce essential reforms within the PNP, focusing on the following initial guidelines:

  1. Limited duration for mass formation and flag-raising ceremonies (15 to 20 minutes).
  2. Prompt presence and functionality in respective offices before 8:00 am.
  3. Strict prohibition of cellphone use while on patrol duty, with severe penalties for violators.
  4. Simplification of PNP personnel compliances to make their lives easier.
  5. Implementation of new Unit Performance Evaluation Rating (UPER) criteria.
  6. Accomplishment of 70% of warrants of arrests for wanted individuals.
  7. Removal of favoritism in promotion and assignments.
  8. Elimination of exclusivity for promotion among 3rd level Police Commissioned Officers (PCOs).
  9. Restriction of Police Community Relations (PCR) activities to Police Regional Offices (PROs) only, excluding National Operational Support Unit (NOSU) and National Administrative Support Unit (NASU).
  10. Non-reassignment of any PNP personnel facing a case to their previous units.
  11. Conducting meetings exclusively through Zoom conference to optimize the time of unit commanders.
  12. No changes in effect for a period of one (1) month.
  13. Removal of 24-hour duty for police personnel.

Regrettably, attackers of the PNP Chief have allegedly added three fake items to the aforementioned guidelines:

  1. The inclusion of an inverted crawl in the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is a malicious falsehood as it contradicts the intention of making things easier for our personnel (Item No. 4).
  2. Rice subsidy, Combat Incentive Pay (CIP), and Combat Duty Pay (CDP) are automatically topped up to the regular salaries of PNP personnel through their ATM cards. It is impossible to donate these allowances, as suggested in the fake item (No. 15).
  3. Salary increases come naturally with promotions, and there is no need for a separate announcement, as falsely stated in fake item No. 16.

Chief Marbil warns those who seek to discredit him and hinder his plans for the PNP that he will not tolerate these vicious assaults against the leadership.

“A thorough investigation is currently underway to identify the source of this malicious campaign, and those responsible will face the harshest possible sanctions,” he stated. 

PNP urges the public to remain vigilant against false information and to rely on verified sources for accurate updates regarding the PNP’s policies and initiatives.

“The PNP, under Chief Marbil’s guidance, is unwavering in its commitment to serve and protect the Filipino people with utmost professionalism and integrity,” they added.

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