I am a BAG guy! That will not sound right when you heard it over the phone – but since you’re reading this, yup.. I am indeed a BAG guy. What I meant is that I really LOVE bags! Backpacks in particular.

I actually have two storage boxes at home that contains only bags – majority of which were gifts.  I don’t collect them, it just accumulated over time and only a fraction of the bags in storage are personally purchased.  I love bags but I am also a very practical person – I don’t buy things that I don’t need and I rarely buy stuff that I couldn’t use for a very long time.

That’s why when I buy things, like bags for example, I make sure that they are of great quality!

What are the first things that gets damaged in a bag?

That was the very question asked by Eros Enriquez, the Asst. Marketing Manager of United Limsum International Trading, Inc. during the INSTAmeet event that they organized a week ago at Lime 88 in Mandaluyong City.

The top answers were:

  1. The Zippers
  2. The Straps
  3. The Fabric

And we were unanimous with the answers because it’s true.  When I purchased my very first laptop on Ebay in 2006 I also bought a cool black sling backpack for my laptop that really costs me a fortune back then – but I wanted to keep my very first laptop secured so, to hell with the budget.

I’ve been using that bag almost every single day since I bought it with or without my laptop.  The laptop broke down two years ago and I only stopped using that bag about 6 months ago when the zipper got broken. Other than the zipper, my backpack is still okay.  A little outdated but it’s still fine.

That backpack served me for more than 7 years.

There are a lot of backpack brands in the market today but only a few that can really get your money’s worth.  One such brand goes by name Outdoor Products Bags and here’s why:

  • The Zipper: Outdoor Products uses genuine YKK (Yoshida Kogyo Kabishiki Kaisha) Zippers, the most trusted brand of zipper in the whole world.
  • The Straps: Outdoor Products uses the seam locked reinforcement – durable straps reinforced through high quality seaming.
  • The Fabric: Outdoor Products are made using the Cordura fabric, an abrasion resistant material known for its toughness and high tear strength.  The fabric was first used in army fatigues and bags, extreme games apparel and heavy load works.  It is lightweight compared to canvass materials.

Outdoor Products Bags are so tough that its manufacturer are giving all their bags a Lifetime Guarantee on service and repairs.  If and when the product becomes irreparable the company will replace the bag with a new one.


So as long as you didn’t destroy the bag on purpose, the Outdoor Products backpack that you purchase will definitely last forever.

To demonstrate just how tough their bags are, Outdoor Products are currently on tour for the Rip-off Challenge Road Show.  The idea is to invite people to try to rip an Outdoor Products bag and so far, after 10 SM Malls and 20 University and Colleges, no one has been successful in tearing their bag apart.

The challenge is still on but I doubt if anyone could ever do it.

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