Based on the recent labor force survey focused on the newly grads, out of the 39.41 million work-able Filipinos in January 2014, 2.96 million are jobless.  The unemployment rate rose to 7.5% this year from 7.1% last year according to the Philippine Statistics Authority.  Which makes the future of the 700,000 fresh college graduates of 2014 a little more challenging.

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But the future isn’t too bad for the newly grads.  According to a report made by JobStreet, the leading online recruitment company in Asia , around 200,000 job opening for fresh graduates were posted on JobStreet in 2013 with companies offering an average salary of 16,700 pesos.  83% of companies that used hired fresh graduates and most were hired for accounting and finance, human resources, and marketing departments.

Fresh graduates of 2014 are free to choose from over 100,000 jobs that are now available on, all they need now is determination and the proper leverages.

Here are a couple of things I’ve picked up from the recent survey conducted by that might increase their chances of getting employed.

77% of companies still prefers fresh graduates from the following schools: UP, UST, La Salle, Ateneo, PLM, PNU and PUP.

94% of companies however said that they will still hire fresh graduates even if they did not come from the universities mentioned above, so long as they possess the skills that they need.

According to employers, fresh graduates should highlight their internship experience, grades and extra-curricular activities on their resume.

Speaking of resumes, according to JobStreet’s Marketing Director Yolanda Buyco and Marketing Communications Manager Eileen Camarillo-Go, the new homepage is packed with new features that makes it easy for fresh graduates to land on the job of their dreams starting with a fast sign-up procedure and an easy-to-use online resume.

The new resume has on-the-go features that allows you to automatically update even the ones that you have already sent out to companies.  The new homepage also features a streamlined design and promises only an average of 10 requirements.  They also announced a new and improved activity monitoring tool and graph that will allow you to see your current employability standing against other applicants.

JobStreet Country Manager Grace Colet said that the ultimate goal of the company is to be able to get a qualified applicants hired in just one week. Out of the 22,000 companies in the Philippines, 80% are using so there are a lot of potentials for matching job-seekers to the right industry.

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