The Generika MedPadala EGC is the very first electronic gift check for medicines in the Philippines!

The Generika MedPadala concept was conceived with the Filipino bread winners’ concern for their families health and welfare in mind.  People usually prioritize immediate needs over long-term or health-related expenses in their budget and that is why it is not uncommon to hear that money allotted for medicines or preventive health supplements goes to other urgent but often unimportant purchases.  That neglect often leads to more serious health complications in the future.

Through the Generika MedPadala, people (most especially OFWs) are now able to allot a portion of their income specifically for medicines and health supplements to send to their families and loved ones without worrying that the budget will be used for other things.

Generika MedPadala

What are the awesome features of the Generika MedPadala EGC?

  • It has no shipping and remittance charge.
  • You can easily purchase it from any of the more than 500 Generika branches nationwide.
  • You can also purchase the Generika MedPadala EGC  anywhere in the world by logging in to their website –
  • Generika MedPadala EGCs doesn’t have an expiration date unlike all the other EGCs.
  • You can use it for multiple good-as-cash transactions.
  • Generikard users can  still earn points using the MedPadala EGCs.
  • Completely transferable.
  • You can monitor your EGCs balance either through your last purchased receipts or through the Generika MedPadala website –
  • For concerns, you can also chat with Generika MedPadala online service personnels.

Generika has been around for some time already.  From its humble start in May 2004 it grew to becoming the 3rd biggest drugstore chain in the country today.  Under the leadership of Mr. Teodoro Ferrer and Mr. Julien Bello they opened their first store in Montillano, Muntinlupa and the rest as they say was history.

Throughout the years, Generika Drugstore has stood up to its original mission of becoming an advocacy business making medicines more accessible to the public – accessibility that is determined by two things: Availability and Affordability.  This mission together with a formidable team of leaders earned them a lot of awards and recognition.

All Generika Drugstores operate under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist and well-trained pharmacy assistants.  In-store personnel are also trained to offer professional counseling to customers, giving them advice on how to use medicines safely and effectively.  The stores also offers additional services to customers like free blood pressure monitoring and low-cost blood sugar level screening.

There is always a Generika Drugstore nearby.  We have one here in Paco and a lot more branches in other districts here in Manila.

How to Use the Generika MedPadala EGC?

Generika MedPadala

It’s so quick and easy!  You only need three steps to experience what the Generika MedPadala EGC can do.  It takes less than a minute to redeem the EGC and less than a minute to send it to your loved ones (depending on the network service of course).  Can you imagine what this can do for you and your family during that emergency medical situations?  This is really a very awesome service feature.

Generika Drugstore is the pioneer in the Philippines for retailing quality generic medicines. It offers a wide range of generic medicines from trusted manufacturers.  Generic medicines are identical in terms of formulation and potency to the branded innovator products but much more affordable.  Generika Drugstore also carries leading branded medicines, food supplements, selected consumer goods and medical supplies.

For more info and to try the new Generica MedPadala EGC go to

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