The pandemic has made us more aware of the things we previously have taken for granted. As more travel destinations open up, we’re regaining the momentum to enjoy the activities that were once restricted due to our limited mobility.

To make up for lost time, why not explore new places or create new experiences? If you’re looking to go out of your comfort zone, try out these four activities with a twist:


Swimming or running? Try both!

Did you know that you can do both swimming and running altogether? We’re not referring to the duathlon sport, but actually running under the ocean. Whether you’re a diver or not, sardine run diving at Moalboal, Cebu will surely take your breath away by swimming alongside thousands of sardines.

Go over and under

“Revenge travel” is the result of most of us being cooped up indoors during lockdown. So, if you want to make up for the moments you missed out on, check out the available Cebu Pacific flights to Siargao. Hop on that surfing board and go over their friendly waves! Or, if you want to try out an adventure nearby, try spelunking (cave swimming and exploring) at Biak Na Bato National Park in San Miguel, Bulacan!

Try out an alpine coaster or trail running

Looking for a bit of adrenaline rush? Try riding an alpine coaster to conquer your fear of heights. This is a new attraction locally where you can ride a cart downhill on a track built on the side of a mountain or hill. You can also try running in the mountains, also called ‘trail running’! It’s a sport that’s growing more popular due to accessibility of mountains especially along the Sierra Madre mountain range in Luzon.

Fly through the clouds with paragliding

You believe you can fly? You can try the next best thing with paragliding! This activity allows you to glide over the landscape through a free-flying glider with a fabric wing. The sport is accessible all throughout the Philippines – in Cavite, Rizal, Cebu, Sarangani – and you can go solo or try tandem paragliding if you want to share the thrill with someone else.

While we’re all eager to go out and explore, we still need to stay safe and protected so we can enjoy these new activities. One way is to make sure that we’re prepared for unforeseen circumstances such as hospitalization due to accidents.

One of the country’s leading insurance providers AXA Philippines in partnership with Cebu Pacific brings CEB Piso Protect, an affordable personal accident insurance.

For as low as P1 a day or P365 a year, you already have an insurance product that can cover the cost of hospitalization, provides up to P250,000 cash benefit in case of death or disablement due to accident, and pays a fixed lump sum of P5,000 in case of surgery while in hospital confinement.

“The pandemic has taught us that the risks to our health and safety can come from anywhere, and that we have to prepare for unexpected moments. With the increase in prices of basic commodities, we aim to help everyJuan be insured through CEB Piso Protect. By paying an equivalent of one peso a day, you can pursue the things you love while feeling more secure,” Nandy Villar, AXA Philippines Chief Customer Officer, said.

CEB Piso Protect is just one of the affordable insurance products offered by Cebu Pacific and AXA. Together, they also offer CEB Health Protect, which provides coverage for the top three critical conditions, namely cancer, stroke, and heart attack. Back in September 2020, CEB Health Protect was the first non-travel insurance offered by Cebu Pacific in their website.

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