You’d be surprised by the different ways barkadas satisfy their pizza cravings.

Everyone has their own style of doing things – from speaking, walking, dressing up, and working in the office. But did you know that the way you eat also reveals a lot about your personality?

If that’s hard to believe, then test it out with your closest friends during Greenwich’s World Pizza Day celebration this coming February 9!

Greenwich, the number one pizza and pasta brand in the country, will take Php 100 off on every barkada size Hawaiian Overload pizza delivery order made on February 9, Sunday, between 10am to 4pm. Have a taste of summer as early as February this #GreenwichWorldPizzaDay by ordering exclusively through, #5-55-55 hotline or via SMS.

Topped with sweet pineapples, melt-in-your-mouth cheese, savory ham, bacon bits and fresh green bell peppers, the Hawaiian Overload pizza has a savory-sweet summery taste that everyone can enjoy.


You can truly eat more of the best-selling Hawaiian Overload and check out your kabarkadas’ pizza personality!

The Folder

A Folder is your kabarkada who folds a pizza slice lengthwise, so it fits exactly into one’s mouth. A perfectionist to the core, he or she meticulously calculates all decisions, whether life-changing or routine, to ensure that everything’s in order which is like the way he munches on pizza. The Folder carefully checks that all the toppings are neatly tucked in so that no ingredient, from the sweet pineapples to the savory ham, will fall outside when he/she takes a mouthful bite.

The Doughboy

Also known as Breadwinners, this kabarkada nibbles on the outer pizza crust first towards the tip. Intelligent and unique, this individual doesn’t care what other people think or do (which is not eating the crust), as long as his/her pizza cravings are satisfied. This kabarkada is rare and prefers to stand out because he knows that the crust makes all the difference in a pizza – particularly if it’s freshly-made daily like Greenwich’s.

The Topper

This kabarkada eats his/her favorite toppings first before devouring the rest of the pizza. Self-assured and confident, he/she knows what he wants and wastes no time getting it, which is why this friend plucks out and eats the savory meat and sweet pineapple off the pinyasweet and pinya-sarap Hawaiian Overload first – before anything else. The Topper is decisive down to the crust.

The Untouchable

There’s only one way Untouchables eat pizza – and that’s with a knife and a fork. Refined and sophisticated, these people appreciate the finer things in life. This kabarkada prefers things that are consistent with great quality, which is why Greenwich is on his or her speed dial!

Grab your own box of the discounted barkada size Hawaiian Overload this coming World Pizza Day on February 9, from 10 AM to 4 PM (hotline, website and SMS delivery transactions only, for up to 4 barkada size Hawaiian Overload orders per transaction).

Treat the entire barkada to a Pinya-Sweet and Pinya-Sarap experience! Order boxes of Hawaiian Overload for everyone in the barkada via delivery exclusively through or call #5-55-55 for a truly crave-worthy #GreenwichWorldPizzaDay!

For more information, visit the Greenwich Barkada Facebook page.

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