While Christmas often means sharing and spending time with loved ones, it is also filled with a lot of to-do lists, holiday shopping, and financial responsibilities.

Preparing for the season can feel overwhelming at first, especially to those who have no access to mobile or online banking solutions.

Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) offers a wide range of innovative products and services to help families focus more on the moments that matter.

With these, Filipinos can prepare for the holiday rush and make their loved ones feel special—even from afar. Here’s how:

Share love from afar through PaSend

Filipinos can now share their financial blessings with their families this cold season, whenever and wherever they are in the country. With PSBank PaSend, clients can instantly send cash to their loved ones, even to those who don’t have a PSBank account. This can be withdrawn 24/7 from any PSBank or Metrobank ATM, nationwide.

Settle payables through Mobile Check Deposit

The Christmas season is also the time when everyone is in a rush. To have a good time during the holidays, paying dues ahead of the holidays is simply a must. Very recently, PSBank introduced its Mobile Check Deposit feature to help users save time, energy, and money by sparing everyone a trip to the bank just to pay for dues.  This free-of-charge service allows clients to deposit eligible local peso checks by simply taking a photo through the Bank’s Mobile App.

Easily access funds with Cardless Withdrawal

PSBank cardholders need not worry in case they leave their ATM cards at home. Through the Cardless Withdrawal feature, all PSBank clients need to do is log-in to their PSBank Online or Mobile account, and with just a few clicks and taps, they can instantly and securely withdraw cash from any PSBank or Metrobank ATM, nationwide.

Through these features, nothing can stop families from fulfilling their transactions and more importantly, from bonding and connecting this festive season.

“The Christmas season is indeed the perfect time for families to come together. PSBank purposefully provides these services and features so they will be able to fully enjoy the holidays with each other,” PSBank SVP and Marketing Group Head Emmanuel Tuazon said.

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