Let me start by saying that I have almost given up on online shopping years ago because of some really bad experiences with bogus sellers. Almost. But the state of ecommerce here in the Philippines have greatly improved since then.

It’s the wave of the future they say, and there’s no way stopping it. It keeps on innovating and reinventing itself offering both buyers and sellers with better (and safer) experiences.

Online shopping sites like Shopee is not 100% perfect – there’s no tech on earth that could claim that they are completely bug-free. It’s a work-in-progress and a satisfactory shopping experience is actually entirely dependent on how knowledgeable the buyer is with the dos and don’ts of online shopping. There are scammers everywhere, the only thing you can do is arm yourself with information that will help you stay clear from them.

Here are some of my recent successful purchases on Shopee:

I am not an expert but I can share to you some of the things that I always do or keep in mind when shopping online. Sites like Shopee has already equipped their apps with tools to help you with this, it’s just how you use it that makes the big difference.

  1. Shop at the Mall, Official Stores of brands you are familiar with or items that have been pre-tagged by Shopee as Preferred (it’s in the options tab).
  2. Another option is to check for verified stores that are near you because that will most probably offer you the lowest delivery fees and fastest delivery time. But this is not true in some cases because I have made purchases from stores abroad that offers almost zero delivery cost and the items arrived faster than the ones I ordered locally. The key is to always check these small details before checking out.
  3. If the item you are looking for is available in different stores, don’t buy just yet from the store that offers the lowest price tag – do your research. Filter searches for Top Sales or those that have sold the most number of items. Then check for reviews. Your goal is to look for the store that has the most positive reviews and with the lowest price including delivery fees.
  4. Timing is everything! If you can afford to wait, buy when the items go on sale! Or buy during a sale event! The ultimate goal for online shopping is to get the BIGGEST POSSIBLE DEAL!
  5. Make use of vouchers, they are your friends! Shop discount vouchers and Shopee free delivery vouchers really cuts down the cost.
  6. Before checking out an item, make sure that you have read the item description thoroughly.
  7. As much as possible, if you are buying multiple items, try to purchase the items all in one store only so you can cut down on delivery costs.
  8. Take advantage of deals and discounts offered through the platforms own money wallet. Pay cashless using Shopee Pay!
  9. Submit your reviews and Rate your purchases! This will help fellow buyers (and sellers).
  10. Lastly, don’t be an impulse buyer! Online Shopping is highly addictive. Buy only what you need. Do your research. Don’t forget the goal – SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!
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