No matter how you plan to host it, adding a live band will take your events from boring or just plain average to simply amazing!

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have been live streaming entertainment for events hosted on Zoom and other similar sites. An August 2020 poll showed that 75 percent of artists had live-streamed a performance as compared to 45 percent just four months earlier. Those findings show significant growth as fans embrace a new way to connect with live music and their favorite artists. 

Hiring a band to live stream a performance is a great idea during a pandemic by providing an authentic connection that brings much of the same excitement as enjoying it in-person. But whether on ground or online, these 5 types of events could really use a live band to ensure their success.

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Corporate Events

If you’re hosting a corporate event, especially one to celebrate the achievement of a team or individual staff members, such as an appreciation event, or for team-building to boost morale, adding a live band to the mix can really pump up the energy. It can help the employees feel more confident about the organization while enjoying a good time together in a non-work environment. 

Ska bands can be particularly ideal, as they’re more upbeat and lively, often using an extended brass section. The upbeat nature is a breath of fresh air that exudes positivity, getting everyone in a good mood and having fun. On the other hand, if the event has a more serious tone and people will be discussing business, a live band is still a good idea to add to the atmosphere, but you might want something more subtle and calming, such as instrumental music played in the background instead of being the main focus.


The last thing you want at a fundraiser is for people to get bored and leave. You want to generate money, so you’ll also want to generate more excitement, getting people energized and in the mood to donate. Empathy is important for this kind of event as music alone can help people connect to thoughts and feelings on a deeper level. It can send a message to the audience with the right type of soundtrack, for example, a live brass band can make for a more lively atmosphere that encourages positivity. 


Getting together with old classmates, old friends, or even family members you haven’t seen in a long time is the perfect opportunity to include a live band as the right songs can bring back some of the best memories from the past. You can choose a band that plays a genre that invokes the time period, such as a band that plays hits from the 1980s for a group that graduated high school during the era. 

Gala Dinner

A gala dinner is often a more glamorous event that can be made much more memorable with a live band, providing the right genre is selected. The perfect band will be able to play warm, instrumental tunes while guests are dining and then can switch up to something more lively, perhaps getting everyone up on the dance floor like a swing band. Timing is key in the ability to transition from mellow to exciting while still providing an air of sophistication. 

A Themed Party

A live band is practically a must for a themed party, for example, if the focus is beach/tropical, a Caribbean steel band or reggae band will make everything come together. A ’70s theme is perfect for classic rock, while a ’50s/’60s event might be ideal for hoppin’ rock ‘n roll tunes like Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis.

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