BIG things sometimes come in SMALL packages! And BIG isn’t always better especially when you’re considering what home appliances should be included inside your homes – especially in the kitchen.

It’s best not to stuff your homes with huge and bulky appliances and furniture especially when space is a bit lacking – always consider that having a lot of space to move is so much better than owning everything that you found cool at the mall.

Most of the time, a few small appliances that can do its job properly are all you need to add value to an important space or a corner – just like your kitchen.

Here are 7 small appliances that don’t take up a lot of space and you should consider having in your kitchen:

BEKO Portable Induction Hobs

Benefiting from induction technology, this touch control portable induction hob helps you save energy by only heating the surface your pan touches, giving you more precise and efficient cooking results. Its sleek design will complement your kitchen perfectly. Easy to clean and stylish, the smooth surface of this hob has been designed with high quality, durable glass which also allows you to move pans from burner to burner with ease. The hob also features a booster function and a child safety lock feature.

BEKO Microwave

Beko’s range of microwaves help you get exactly what you want, and fast. Whether you need to re-heat leftovers for dinner or defrost your mincemeat, their microwaves are packed with features that help save time in the kitchen. From compact, retro to built-in combination microwave convection oven with grill. Choose the one that fits your need, style and space.

BEKO Mini Oven with Hobs and Separate Grill

Compact cooker with two-zone sealed plate hob, separate grill and 28-litre conventional oven with easy clean glass doors. This 28L capacity oven has enough space for you to cook a large lasagna, while still fitting comfortably into a smaller kitchen. Offering the ultimate in flexibility, the mini cooker’s oven and hob can be used together, so you can boil your veggies while your chicken roasts in the oven. And, the hob and oven can also be used separately, saving you money on your energy bills.

Beko Power Blender

With 1600 watts of motor power and 4 settings to choose from, this power blender is perfect for creating lots of different textures in a matter of seconds. The high turning speed means that you can easily prepare recipes ranging from soup and cake batter to baby food and nut butters. You can make sure your power blender is always ready for the next time you use it, thanks to its easy-to-use Auto-clean setting. Simply pour water into the jug, and the blender will use a powerful pulse movement to clean high up the sides and into every corner.

Beko Kettle

Treat your kitchen to a new look with Beko’s range of stylish retro kettles. Available in different colors, shapes and designs. Their large capacity, powerful kettles come with helpful features, so you can enjoy preparing drinks for the whole family.

Beko Toaster

Enjoy bagels, thickly sliced toast and crumpets with Beko’s range of stylish wide-slot toasters. Available in different colors and retro designs, their 2 slice and 4 slice toasters will brighten up any breakfast. Achieve your perfect shade of golden-brown toast by easily adjusting the browning level while keeping your kitchen tidy with the removeable crumb tray.

Beko Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Be your own barista at home with Beko’s stylish new Bean to Cup Coffee Machines. Use the touch control display to pour a single or double espresso. Or, select the rinse and cleaning functions to keep your coffee machine at its best. The LCD touch control panel makes it easy to choose between functions and gives your coffee machine a sleek and professional edge. This coffee machine features a pre-brewing system and 19 bar pressure.
The higher the pressure the deeper the aroma and texture of the coffee as the oils and fats remain in the brew. You get a faster, foamier espresso with a full-bodied taste.

These kitchen appliances takes up little space but packs a wallop and will definitely give great aesthetic pleasure to home owners and guests as well as help in promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

Beko made its debut here in the Philippines last year. Globally, the home appliance brand sell its products in more than 141 countries and is the fastest growing brand in Europe in terms of market share increase. It is also the #1 freestanding brand in Europe.

To learn more about product availability and pricing, you may visit or follow them on Facebook.

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