Mynt and FUSE introduced last Friday (June 29) their latest GCash innovation, GCredit, which they declared as a way for them to move the country closer to nationwide financial inclusion by providing finance for ALL with special focus to the underserved and unbanked population in the Philippines.

Mynt, the fintech startup owned by Globe Telecom, Ant Financial, and the Ayala Corporation is now rolling out GCredit lending services and the GScore credit scoring system through its lending arm FUSE and available via the GCash app.

What is GScore?

GScore is a trust score based on a customer’s relationship with GCash. In is an interplay between wallet balance, spending , and where you spend.

GScore, Thomas said, addresses the difficulty of most Filipinos to access credit due to absence of formal documents that prove financial capacity. Instead, Gscore provides a “trust score” that people can earn without too much barrier just by engaging in regular GCash transactions such as buying load, paying bills, purchasing goods and services, among other things.

GScore basically assesses the financial capacity of a GCash user to pay back credit based on their GCash usage.


In a nutshell:

  • Use your GCash app
  • Check for your GScore
  • The more you use GCash, the higher GScore you get – buy loads, scan to pay or pay bills.

What is GCredit?

GCredit is a revolving credit line attached to your GCash account with funds you can then use to buy groceries, medicine, or even school supplies in partner merchants via GCash Scan To Pay. The amount you can avail is determined by your GScore rating.

FUSE believes that with data-driven lending, they can create a sustainable and scalable credit product in the country.


At present, Filipinos have no other recourse but to turn to informal or unlicensed money lenders or “loan sharks” since they can extend loans without much collateral or documentary requirements but with hefty interest rate which often led the borrower to a debt trap.

This situation could be avoided through GCredit. With GCredit, once a customer pays their credit balance, it replenishes instantly. This provides customers peace of mind so they can have access to funds whenever they have emergencies or life milestones. As added benefit, those who continue to use their GCredit properly  will be given higher GCredit limits.

How to Activate Your GCredit:

  • Tap “Manage Credit” in your GCash app
  • Complete Your Profile
  • Make sure your email address is correct and verified
  • Wait for your activation e-mail and scan away

How to Use Your GCredit:

  • Tap “Pay QR”
  • Tap the QR Icon
  • Select GCredit and enter the amount to be paid
  • Tap Confirm

GCredit is currently at its beta stage and will be available commercially within the year.

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  1. What could be the reason of a GScore that continuely drops week after week even though I pay my bills through G Cash, buy dozens of loads through Gcash and have even used the scan to pay QR option. But instead of my Gscore rising, it drops..

    1. Same here. I’m using Gcash now to pay my bills and online orders but my gscore is gradually dropping. I’m wondering why it’s happening when I was only using Gcash before for loading and now I’m using it on various transaction and yet my score is not rising as well. Why?

    2. sam problem that i am having..i always use gcash to pay bills, use qr for payment, and everything..and seems nothing is happening..

    3. Same as others problem 😥it sad that instead your gscore increase , it drops. Can anyone answer our question ?? We contiously using gcash. Paying bills buy loads and pay trough qr code etc. But whats happen to our gscore? Why it decrease instead increase???

  2. Encountering the same issue 🙁

  3. I need explanation why my gscore keeps on decreasing when i always use gcash for payment, cash in, load and all i paid my gcredit in advance too. But surprisingly i can’t get any clear explantion why my gscore is decreasing. My goal is to make it higher so that there will be an increase on my gcredit. But no matter how i use it is pointless they slice 5 points each week. Disappointed here.

  4. I also have the same issue of decreasing GScore and I asked GCashcare about it . Below is their response:

    “The score is not manually encoded by individuals, rather we have a scoring algorithm that computes for the customer’s score based on transactional behavior. Rest assured, that your score will improve if you’ll continue to use GCash.”

  5. Does anyone here know how often GScore is updated? Thank you.

  6. Same here my gscore continous dropping..need explanation pls…

  7. I myself experienced the decrease of gscore despite of regular use of gcash on different transactions. I don’t know but I think, they also include our online credit score. If we have other loans made online, I think it contributed to our gscore. And about the update of gscore, I have observed that it happens during Monday afternoon or night… But I’m not that sure.

  8. Same problem here decreasing my gscore 😞

  9. My gscore before was 475 and then it increased my gcredit from 1,000 to 2,000. But after I paid my gcredit balance, my gscore decreases to 350. I expect it to turn more 475 because I paid it and then I pay QR again.

  10. Another thing… I paid my gcredit balance on May 30, 2019 and then I used it again on May 31, 2019.. the due date and the 5% will take place and it should be on 1 month, how come they put my due date and increase 5% on June 17, 2019? I thought it’s 1 month! I always send them complain messages thru email but they always say “we are reviewing it”. No response until now. Until I had new complain, still no result.

  11. Same here… my GScore decreases by 5 points every week even if I’m using GCash services frequently. Why?

  12. My gscore is also decreasing.. Please explain why. I keep on using my gcash everyday. As in EVERYDAY..

  13. the answer is very simple…..gcash is a fuckup company with no customers service in anyway…..more and more store are stopped using gcash service because when they have any issues need to contact gcash…they have no ways to contact…..and we need to know….actually for gcash itself…this is not a good profit business….they dont really care and focus on developing the gcash…in the soon future…i think gcash this company will close soon

  14. How to confirm my family account to gscore

  15. How to confirm my gmail account to gscore

  16. I have been purchasing and paying bills left and right using gcash and still my gscore is a sad non moving window of disappointment. I think we have to spend a Million before the freaking gscore moves up. It’s a waste of thought to think gcash is fair. I might start using paymaya or eon nalang instead of gcash it’s disappointing really.

  17. I have always been using GCASH almost everyday and yet my GScore keeps on decreasing. What’s wrong gcash?? just weeks ago my gcredit was down to 662 and recently its not 652. How is your Gscore computed??

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