Hunger and thirst are the last things you’d want to experience while driving. When our bodies are dehydrated and low on fuel, we get irritable and frustrated. Getting “hangry” often leads to a rough, terrible, and exhausting trip which can affect driving performance.

This is one of the findings from the Shell Driving Experiment, a worldwide study that uses cutting-edge emotional intelligence technology and other applications to uncover how the emotions of drivers affect their performance during everyday rides.

In the Philippines, the experiment showed that feeling hungry or thirsty can impact driving performance, showing that drivers who crave food and hydration don’t perform as well on the road. This decreases the smoothness of a driver’s journey, negatively correlating to a smoother trip score.

This is one of the instances where the combination of drinking and driving isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, with the right beverages, it can be good for you.

Here’s a rundown of things you can drink on-the-go for a better journey:

Fresh Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are a convenient way to get your daily fill of vitamins and nutrients in the most refreshing and delicious way. At Deli2Go, you can choose from a variety of cold-pressed juices made with real fruits and vegetables. Savor the refreshing taste of mangoes, citrus, coconuts, and various greens, and energize your body the natural way with these detoxifying concoctions.

Caffeinated Drinks

A good cup of coffee to give you an extra energy boost. Not only does it wake you up, it also helps you stay alert and focused while driving. Whether you choose to enjoy your coffee black or in one of the delicious blends at Deli2Go, a serving goes a long way regardless of the time of day.

Electrolyte-filled Drinks

For longer rides, consider drinks with added electrolytes. Electrolytes are integral for cell function, and specialized beverages can help us regain these substances and energize our bodies for the drive ahead.


Nothing beats good old water when you need to hydrate while on the road. Proper water intake keeps you hydrated in order fight dizziness and fatigue, so make sure to stock a bottle or two in your car at all times.

“What you eat or drink has an effect on the cells in your body, which can affect your mood and, ultimately, your performance on the road,” says health guru Nadine Tengco. “Even something as simple as drinking enough water can help you feel less anxious, so make sure to eat and hydrate before going on a drive.”

Giving importance to every ride

For over a hundred years, Pilipinas Shell has gone the extra mile for Filipino motorists – from taking care of their vehicles with the help of quality fuels and services, to providing drivers with delicious and convenient meals and beverages at Shell Select and Deli2Go. The Shell Driving Experiment continues their constant pursuit of excellence for their customers.

“The Shell Driving Experiment is part of our efforts to understand the changing needs of our customers,” shares Anthony Lawrence Yam, Vice President for Retail at PIlipinas Shell. “This helps us create better innovations, such as the Shell V-Power with DYNAFLEX Technology and the expansion of our non-fuel offers at Shell Select. At the end of the day, our goal is making life’s journeys better for every Filipino on the road.”

By providing quality fuel products and services to motorists around the world, Shell solidifies its foothold as a global leader in power and energy. It pioneers next generation technology by developing new sources for a reliable energy mix, producing ingenious products, and promoting intelligent use. The company strives to build smarter infrastructure and provide energy efficient engineering solutions that promote clean transport and sustainable mobility.

Through understanding what matters most for Filipinos and how they feel, Shell continues its mission to allow men and women to go well on the road, wherever they want to go.

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