Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao now offers night classes to professional learners, essentially aiding them in achieving their academic goals without sacrificing daytime responsibilities.

Night Classes

These goals range from finishing up undergraduate degrees to taking up second courses which can be difficult for professionals working regular 9 to 5’s. Thus, academic institutions such as Mapúa MCM began offering night classes to provide the flexibility needed to easily achieve these academic requirements.

Currently, Mapúa MCM offers BS Psychology, Bachelor of Multimedia Arts, BS Computer Science, BS Civil Engineering, BS Computer Engineering, and BS Real Estate Management for night classes.

Why take night classes?

For the average working student, the challenges presented by attempting to accomplish your studies while also working are clear — time. You need the time to accomplish your tasks as well as the time to put into quality schoolwork. While balancing daytime work and classes is not impossible, earning while learning does not have to be difficult.

Depending on your work schedules, night classes can offer the time needed for both. One of the most important factors to take into consideration is what the school has to offer in terms of its curriculum, course load, and how they offer the classes you need. The essentials to look out for in the institution of your choice would be the availability of offered industry relevant programs, lighter course loads, state-of-the-art facilities, a hybrid-flexible learning infrastructure, access to digital learning platforms, and experienced faculty that can cater to the needs of its learners:

Industry relevant programs

The six programs offered under Mapúa MCM’s night classes all touch varying industries, ranging from the arts, business, real estate, computer science, and engineering. These industries are quite relevant in this modern age, providing learners the opportunity to explore and discover what field of work they want to eventually proceed to.

Lighter course load

Daytime responsibilities beget the lives of people. Because of this, the curriculum for night classes are curated to allow students more time and flexibility in managing their academic responsibilities with lesser units per term with a longer period allotted to accomplish the full load.

State-of-the-art facilities

Though night classes can be offered online, there is no shirking on providing fully furnished facilities and top-notch, high quality equipment for professional learners to ensure that they have all the resources they need in order to excel in their studies when they are given the option to attend classes on-site or have the time to check out the campus.

Hybrid-flexible learning

The importance of time goes together with flexibility. To have an easier time balancing work and studies, one must have the option and freedom to adjust their schedules or attend classes based on their priorities. Mapúa MCM’s existing infrastructure FLUX (Flexible Learning Ubiquitous Experience) is there to accommodate its students and provide the space for this flexibility. Hybrid-flexible learning is an instructional approach that enables students to choose between studying face-to-face on campus, online synchronous through virtual classes, or online asynchronous through recorded virtual class sessions.

Access to digital learning platforms

A vast array of digital learning platforms for its learners is of utmost importance. Mapúa MCM utilizes and offers tools such as Blackboard Learn, Wiley, Cengage, Elsevier, VitalSource, Panopto, Coursera, etc. Through these platforms and more, night class learners will be better equipped with resources that will make their learning easier and more convenient.

Experienced faculty

A team of highly dedicated faculty members that is a priority in delivering high-quality education and are needed to conscientiously guide learners to their desired fields. Mapúa MCM faculty members yield real-world experience and academic expertise when demonstrating the inner workings of their respective fields. Overall, it is important to understand what works for you when deciding where and how to pursue your academics as a working individual — consider not only your capabilities but that of the academic institution you wish to take up your selected program.

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