Preparing for your next trip and looking for some travel essentials? Many travel guides will recommend bringing the basic essentials: clothes, identification, and money. But wouldn’t it be great if you can plan for your trip while also being conscious of the environment? Whether it’s an overseas trip, an overnighter or a road trip, there are greener alternatives to the usual items you occasionally pack for a vacation.

travel essentials

To help you with your upcoming adventure, here are some unlikely, eco-friendly travel essentials that could just save your dream vacation from going south, all while caring for the planet!

Bring a portable water filter instead of buying bottled water

Portable water filters are a staple for many backpackers and nature wanderers, but these could also be useful for tourists and casual travelers alike. If you’re going to a place where you may not trust the cleanliness of its water, having a portable water filter at hand could help ease that worry. Many portable filters and even purifiers are now available in the market that can be carried anywhere and are strong enough to rid your water of any bacteria and viruses.

Go for shampoo and conditioner bars

Shampoo and conditioner bars have been a new trend in recent times replacing their liquid counterparts. These bars are usually crafted with eco-friendly, sustainable, and natural ingredients that are both good for the hair and for the environment. Another useful advantage of these bars is you can always save it for the next use. Say goodbye to shampoo and conditioner sachets in the trash!

Worry less with waterproof bags

Waterproof bags are one of the most useful and versatile items you can bring to any trip. Waterproof bags are 100% reusable making it an economical investment for any trip. These bags are usually made with hydrophobic material which could keep your gadgets and personal items safe when you decide to engage in any spontaneous water activity or when you need to brave the rain. Apart from keeping your gadgets safe, waterproof bags could also store wet items and could prevent your other essentials from getting wet.

Opt for environment friendly cotton buds

Whether it’s for personal hygiene, make-up touch-ups, or applying ointments or creams, you and your family can always rely on cotton buds to do the trick. Not only are they small enough to fit any travel kits, but cotton buds have multiple uses as well — cotton buds are the perfect travel-sized self-care tool to bring on your next vacay!

When it comes to picking the perfect cotton buds, pick one with good quality, and that is gentle to both the skin and to the environment. On your next getaway, don’t forget to bring Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly! These cotton buds are made from natural ingredients with 100% pure cotton tips and unbleached paper stems that come from responsibly managed forests. Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly are available in 400 tips and the travel friendly 200 tips variation.

travel essentials

Wouldn’t it be nice to have these eco-friendly, biodegradable buds on hand when you travel? Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly are available in Mercury Drug, Puregold, Robinsons, Metro Gaisano, and other retail stores nationwide and online.

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