What if all your household appliances, aside from performing its usual function, also has the power to effectively disinfect or self-disinfect? Then, that would probably be the most practical and important investment you could ever have during this pandemic.

The good news is, we already have brands that are dedicated to developing ground-breaking portfolio of household products that answers an emerging consumer needs in a post-lockdown era. Hygiene Shield from Beko, Europe’s leading home appliance brand, is one.

Beko’s consumer research, across 31 countries revealed that one of the primary concerns is hygiene. Many of us are disinfecting supermarket purchases when we get home, worrying about handling mobile phones and keys, or not bringing coats into the house. People have increased the amount of cleaning and laundry in their homes, with some people disinfecting bedding for the first time. 75% of people are cleaning the house more often, 64% are doing more laundry and 68% are paying more attention to the cleanliness of the packaging on purchased products.

Hygiene Shield includes seven appliances with built-in disinfection programs and functions to disinfect packaged food and belongings to help consumers adjust to the ‘new normal’ at home. Developed as a result of in-depth consumer research conducted across the globe and with innovative new technology, the Hygiene Shield product line has the power to kill more than 99% of bacteria and viruses (including coronavirus), providing a level of reassurance unrivalled in the market place.

The line takes inspiration from nature and uses methods such as steam and heat to enable consumers to achieve excellent hygiene results at home.

UV Cleaning Cabinet

Beko Hygiene Shield UV Cleaning Cabinet

Coronavirus can survive for five days on smooth surfaces so the cabinet uses UV light technology to clean items that you have used outside the home or are concerned about. Keys, phones, wallets, packaged goods from supermarkets, plastic bags, baby bottles and toys can all be safely cleaned in 20-40-minute cycle with no damage to objects. This clever portable device can live anywhere in the home and its touch display makes it as easy to use.

Combi Refrigerator with Disinfection Drawer

Beko Hygiene Shield Refrigeratior

The refrigerator disinfects food items in their original and sealed packaging, eliminating more than 99% of bacteria and viruses in approximately 40 minutes. Instead of wiping down each item you bring home from the supermarket, or storing them in a safe place for several days, this refrigerator does it for you. Its separate disinfection drawer above the crisper eliminates viruses, bacteria and germs using UV light technology distributed over the compartment.

Tumble Dryer with UV Light Technology

Beko Hygiene Shield Tumble Dryer

It isn’t practical to wash your clothes every day, or to wash some styles of clothes in high temperatures but we still want to feel certain that our clothes are hygienic.

The tumble dryer eliminates bacteria and viruses and provides disinfection for your laundry in a safe and convenient way. The UV Hygienic Refresh program refreshes up to six dry pieces of clothing. Moreover, the UV Hygienic Drying program dries and sanitizes up to 5 kg of washed laundry even clothes that need washing at low temperatures.

Hygiene Shield Washing Machine and Washer Dryer

We don’t know how long the Coronavirus can survive on fabric and many of us are worried about our clothing when we get home. What we do know is that people are washing their clothes for longer at higher temperatures as a result of the pandemic. This can get expensive, isn’t sustainable and risks damaging our favorite clothes.

With a smart algorithm, an additional heater channel and fan system, the hygiene therapy program fills the drum with hot air to keep the laundry at 60°C to thoroughly sanitize your clothes without water. More than 99% of viruses and bacteria are eliminated from 2 kg of clothes in 58 minutes, saving your money and the planet from the use of chemicals and extra water.

Oven with Saturated Steam and Heat

Beko Hygiene Shield Oven

This oven doesn’t just cook your food, but cleans it too. Using the exceptional disinfecting power of saturated steam and heat there are two separate disinfection programs available with this appliance, both involving heat and steam, working at 70°C and 120°C respectively. Use of the oven at 70°C for 15 minutes will disinfect the surfaces of packaged food and make the outside of baked goods more hygienic, without affecting their taste and structure. Use of the oven at 120°C for 20 minutes will disinfect items like metal bowls and glass products.

Hygiene Shield Dishwasher

Beko Hygiene Shield Dishwasher

People trust their dishwasher much more than hand-washing, and with 79% of us cooking more frequently at home, the dishes can pile up. For extra hygienic results, this machine has a hygiene function with steam and additional hot rinsing functions.

To learn more about product availability and pricing, you may visit www.beko.ph or follow them on Facebook.

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