Luggage? Check. Itinerary? Check. Travel money? Check. Travel spirits? Super check.

Safe water source? Hmmm. Should I bring a portable water softener with me? It’s kinda bulky, so is it worth bringing one for my trip? Plus, hard water’s not THAT bad, right?

The answer? Yes, but that still depends on your situation and preferences. There are certain factors to consider, such as the length of your travel, your accommodation and/or the place you’ll be visiting, and more.

And although hard water’s not extremely risky, you can do better with soft water during your trip.

To help you determine if you should include a portable water softener in your travel necessities, let’s take a look at what it really is, and some points and situation where a portable water softener comes in handy for an adventurer like you.

What is a portable water softener?

A portable water softener, commonly called in the US as an RV water softener, is no different from the bulky water softener often installed at home.

It comes in a smaller size, but don’t let that fool you. It also has the capacity to de-ionize your hard water the same way those stationary systems are capable of.

Plus, you can bring them anywhere and anytime you want, especially when traveling. Whether you’re camping outdoors or enjoying a three-day sight excursion in the destination of your choice, you can enjoy the benefits of soft water thanks to this portable softener!

These portable water softeners were made with travelers in mind, who want to enjoy the benefits of soft water whenever they’re exploring all points of the globe.

RV, boat, and car owners also find delight in these portable softeners too, particularly for keeping their vehicles clean and sound when washing them.

But as mentioned, investing and bringing a portable water softener with you during your travel depends on your situation and needs. Hard water from reliable sources are still safe for consumption, but there are a handful of benefits of soft water not worth missing, even when you’re not at home.

Bring a Portable Water Softener If…

You’re bringing a car with you

It’s mobile, but some portable water softeners can be a little bit bulky. If you’re bringing a car during your travel, you can place it in the trunk or the backseat of your car, and still have space for your travel companions and your stuff.

Otherwise, it might seem tedious to carry a portable water softener with you around, especially when you’ll be traveling from one place to another.

You’ll be traveling for more than three days

Some people might be okay with using hard water during their two or three-day vacation since the water won’t affect their skin, appliances, clothes, or their health that much.

If you’re vacationing for more than three days, though, you might want to consider bringing a portable water softener with you. Five days of using hard water can already affect you, especially when you’re staying outdoors.

You’re not sure if your hotel or lodging uses a water softener system

It’s not like these accommodations advertise they use soft water, right? And it may look weird to ask if they have a water softener installed. Hell, some may not even know what soft water is!

So there’s no way to guarantee if your chosen hotel, Airbnb, or whatever type of lodging is implementing the use of soft water in their establishment.

To be 100% sure you’re using only soft water during your trip, bring and use a portable water softener. It doesn’t require any installation, so no worries on complying with the rules and regulations of the place you’re staying at.

You’ll be spending more time outdoors

Portable water softeners are not just for converting hard to soft water. It can also act as your mini water supply! If you’re planning to go camping or do more outdoor activities, it’s ideal to bring a safe soft water supply with you all the time.

A portable water softener can bring you portable soft water wonders

You’re missing out on a great deal if you decide to leave (or not purchase) a portable water softener for your upcoming vacation. If you want to maintain a healthy skin and hair routine, drink water that doesn’t taste metallic or weird, and keep your health in check, soft water should be one of your most important travel buddies!

Wondering what portable water softener to buy for your next travel adventure? Head on to Home Fascination to learn more!

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