The best types of trips are those traveled in long distance. You have ample time to share conversations, laughter, and throwback memories with the family. And let’s not forget the sharing of snacks, or stopping by a picturesque view to capture some travel mementos, or the impromptu videoke in the car.

However, for those of us who want to bring our senior folks aboard the travel express, we can’t help but worry if they can handle the long trip. Too many what-ifs in our mind that we can’t help but think if it’s worth continuing the trip.

But worry not! In this post, we’ll share with you the things to expect and prepare when traveling with seniors to ensure everyone in the family enjoys the best vacation of your lives!

What to Expect

Seniors get tired easily

Elderlies don’t have the same energy level as us, due to their body system functioning slower with age. While some are still physically fit, they still have the tendency to ask for some break during your trip, especially when they can’t keep up with the weather, the crowd, or your current activity.

When planning your itinerary, make sure to place the thrilling sights or activities during mid-morning or early afternoon so they can keep up during the trip.

Elderlies need extra care and your extra patience

Expect plenty of breaks during your trip – whether to take a sit and catch their breath, or make a quick visit in the bathroom. You’ll need plenty of patience if you’re expecting a nonstop thrill for your travel.

You’ll need to keep an eye out for them when visiting tourist traps too. Because most elderlies walk slowly, they tend to get lost in the ocean of the crowd.

Seniors are more prone to accidents and medical issues…

But you don’t have to be some sort of stage mom for them during your trip. Some elderlies can still manage to keep up with us, as long as everything’s kept in moderation.

One thing you need to keep a watchful eye out for are the foods they eat. Some foods, like dairies and spicy foods, don’t do well with their systems. Consult their doctor first before the trip, or encourage them to try other meals instead.

What to Prepare

A carry-on bag for all essentials

The essentials should always be accessible to the seniors every time, so if they experience something or need to freshen up or check something, they can easily do so on their own. These essentials can be placed in a duffel bag, pouch, or a sling bag:


Pack their meds along with the list of their names and generic counterparts, the prescription schedules, and the official prescriptions from the doctor so you won’t be questioned when buying for new supplies

Emergency contact list 

Include a contact list with your name, address of your hotel/lodging, and phone number in your elderlies’ carry-ons. Keep a list of phone numbers and/or addresses of important locations around your chosen destination too, like police stations, hospitals, markets, and more.

Sunscreens and lotion 

Handy toiletries like sanitizers and hand wipes

Water bottle to keep them hydrated throughout the trip

First-aid kit containing bandages, antiseptics, gauze, adhesives, and basic meds like painkillers, aspirins, and anti allergies

Comfortable clothes

When packing clothes for your older folks, prioritize bringing as many of these items as possible:

  • Lightweight tops or dresses
  • Comfortable pants, shorts, or skirts
  • Socks (especially for hiking)
  • Walking shoes, slippers or sandals
  • Sweater (if traveling on cold weather)
  • Hats, shades, scarf, and/or bandana
  • Adult diapers (just to be sure)

Travel insurance

After completing your planning and booking duties for the trip, next on your list should be availing travel insurance for your seniors. Better safe and secure than sorry!

There are plenty of insurance providers offering travel insurance with good coverages – they can help you compare and choose the best senior travel insurance plan that fits your needs and budget.

Extra money

Extra comfort and security require extra money too, like hotel accommodations, transportation, plane seats, and more.

Then there are the sudden visits to the hospital. Medical costs in some countries can be expensive, so be financially ready just in case.

It’s also advisable to book nonstop flights instead, so your seniors won’t suffer from the seemingly-endless plane transfers and endure long hours of sitting in the plane.

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