HELLA, a leading European manufacturer of auto parts, presents a quick rundown of the parts that matter for safer travels, especially when you’re driving on a slippery road.

As we continue to experience frequent showers brought about by the rainy season, we need to be more aware of how it impacts our daily lives, from our homes to our rides. Come rain or shine, it’s important to prepare and equip your car and make sure that it’s ready to take on the force of a great typhoon.


While it is common practice to have your tires checked regularly, it is also helpful to make sure that they are well-inflated in time for rainfall. Ensure that your car has enough tread depth and grooves left before you travel to avoid swerving or going off course.


When the rain starts to pour, your first instinct is to turn on your wipers to have a clearer view of the road. If you’re doubting your wipers’ ability to clean, test them. If they leave a streak of water on your windshield then it’s probably time to change them.

HELLA offers different wipers that perform well under the rain that you can choose from. Featuring a nanotechnology graphite-coated rubber blade, HELLA’s wipers provide a smooth and quiet operation delivering clear visibility at every point. These are the Premium Wiper Blade, Curvo Wiper Blade and Razor Wiper Blade.

HELLA’s wipers offer a smooth and quiet operation, delivering clear visibility at every point.


Car horns serve as another way to ensure safe travels during heavy rainfall. With zero visibility, drivers can use their horns to signal the cars in front of them. Make sure your car’s horns are still producing loud and crisp sound because if it isn’t, then better consider having them replaced.

HELLA has horns with varying sounds that are suitable for all weather conditions. Some of the horns include compact with optimal sound projection like the Compact Horn, soft timbre and mellow sound for a more harmonic tone like the Royal Twin Tone trumpet horn, and a strong penetrating tone that is ideal for tough off-road use like Super Tone Horn. They have twice the lifetime of original equipment (OE) specifications, corrosion resistant, and can be installed easily in tight and limited spaces.


Night or day drives, lights become an extremely important part of your car especially during the rainy season. When you encounter zero visibility caused by the heavy rainfall, your lights immediately become an indicator of your location and a signal that other drivers can use to navigate. Make sure that your lights are clean, bright, and working. Any indication of a poor or broken bulb should definitely be changed.

HELLA’s bulb offerings have wider field and longer range of clearer vision that’s suitable for the rainy weather, allowing faster reaction time for safer driving. They employ high-quality UV-filtered quartz glass which reduces eye strain. They come in two variants: PowerBleu and Platinum performance bulbs, both designed for easy plug and play installation and directly interchangeable with original equipment (OE) bulbs. Designed for style-conscious car enthusiasts, PowerBleu bulbs offer a superb brightness of white daylight with its blue coating and silver top finishing. Platinum bulbs offers up to 100% more light, providing maximum visibility for road safety.


Slippery roads tend to impact brake life more because there’s less friction compared to dry road conditions. If you hear a high-pitched screech or even a grinding sound when you use your brakes, then it’s time to have your brake pads and fluid checked.

HELLA PAGID brake pads offer a reliable and trust-worthy solution that is designed to match the performance of original equipment (OE) parts while providing the best value for money. Tailor-fit for Asian range cars, the non-asbestos organic friction formulations are developed to provide consistent braking performance across a wide range of driving conditions which includes the rainy season. HELLA PAGID brake pads are fade-resistant and offers extended service life and superior performance even in high temperatures.

HELLA PAGID brake pads offer a reliable and trust-worthy solution which matches the performance of OE parts.

“We know how tough the rainy season can be here in the Philippines, especially when the weather gets extreme. By identifying the different parts that matter, Filipino drivers and car owners are now reminded of how they can prepare their cars for the coming months. With HELLA’s different product offerings, they get access to the parts that work the hardest, last the longest, and parts that keep them safest,” HELLA Country Manager for Philippines, Jason De Leon.

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