You’ve planned your commute, prepared your work bag, and are ready to return to the office. But after spending the last few years safe at home, have you thought about how to keep it safe when you leave?

To help you feel secure while out, here is a list of reminders for your place to watch out for:

Watch out for running water

Nobody wants to come home to a flooded house. Make sure all faucets and showers are turned off to save on your water bill and any damage to your furniture and gadgets.


Check for any unsecured doors or windows

Ensure windows, doors, and any other openings are all locked and closed before heading to the office. Leaving any opening is a tempting invitation for theft. Securing your home means nothing will be out of place when you get back.

Unplug small kitchen appliances and gadgets that don’t have to stay on

Leaving your gadgets and appliances plugged in the entire day could use up unnecessary electricity, sometimes called “phantom power”. Taking just an extra minute to check on your devices can save on your electricity bill, reduce any likelihood of a power surge, and avoid possible damage that could come from overheating or overcharging.


Make sure your LPG valve is off

It is important that you turn off your LPG valve before heading out. Letting the gas seep out the entire day puts your home at risk as the slightest spark will cause an explosion or house fire. Checking that the valve is closed and that all your burners are off can prevent any accidents from happening while at work.

While accidentally leaving the LPG tank is more common than you think, Solane tanks with the A/S valve (de salpak) that come with a snap-on auto shut-off feature ensures that the valve closes even if you forget to do it yourself.


It may be easy to get careless when you have so many things to think about or when you’re rushing to work. However, keeping the home safe and secure is a lot easier if you get the right products in the first place, especially in the kitchen.

Tanks from authorized Solane LPG dealers have gone through proper safety checks to ensure that they keep your gas and your home safe. Additionally, Solane always performs their 7-point Safety check to make sure that the unit you received via Solane LPG home delivery is installed properly in your kitchen.

To order Verified Solane LPG, customers may call the Hatid Bahay Hotline – (02) 8887-5555, send a message to 0918-887-5555 (Smart) / 0917 8977555 (Globe) or the Solane Facebook page, or place their orders through the Solane app.  Customers may also place an order through the Web Ordering Platform.

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