Apartment hunting for a nice corner to settle down in Los Angeles or just looking for a place to rent? It’s easier now! There are a lot of resources and tools online that can readily help you find the most perfect apartment wherever.

Apartment Hunting

Searching for an apartment in a big city like Los Angeles used to be a very tedious task that could easily turn into a nightmare. But now, with the availability of apartment search resources online like Zumper, finding one is as easy as a few clicks, taps or swipes on your laptops or mobile devices.

Apartment Hunting

But hold your horses! While it’s that easy, finding ‘your’ perfect apartment will all depend on how well you have thought about your preferences. Finding the best places to live begins with knowing WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.

Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the west coast. It is the center of the film and entertainment industry in the United States of America. So definitely properties here will not be as cheap compared to other nearby cities.

People move to Los Angeles for a lot of reasons. Mainly:

  • The Lifestyles – Hollywood or the Ocean
  • Jobs
  • Fantastic Weather

Here are some of the things you need to consider before starting your search:


Now if you’re working on a budget, remember that while certain areas in Los Angeles will never ever be cheap like Beverly Hills or Santa Monica, there are still places in the city that offers affordable prices.

Also, aside from the cost of rent, you should also be taking into consideration the rent trends in Los Angeles and the over-all cost of living. Some areas simply cost far more to live in.

Using an apartment search tool like Zumper, you can now filter choices based on your preferred budget like 0 – $1000. The list of available properties and its location on the map will immediately be shown to you.


Don’t forget to add in your search your apartment size. Are you looking for a studio size apartment or something with rooms? Do you need only 1 T&B or more? Size matters. And while you’re into the details asked also if they allow pets (if you have) or if the property is for long term or short term lease.


Now apart from the costs, another thing you should consider is the location. What type of neighborhood do you prefer. Is it in close proximity to your place of work or school? Do you like living near the ocean? Are there hospitals nearby? Groceries? Malls? Hollywood?

Now using the online apartment hunting search tool again, and after selecting your budget, filter the search further by adding in your preferred location. For example, Venice, Central Hollywood, Downtown LA, etc.

Basically, budget, location and size are the three major elements of your apartment hunting. And once you’ve zeroed in on an apartment that you liked from the shortlist, I’d suggest that you set an appointment for a viewing or a tour first (if possible) before making the commitment.

Apartment Hunting

And that’s it! Your new apartment is set!

Online apartment hunting search tool like Zumper is used by millions of renters to find houses, rooms, condos, or apartments for rent because it’s easy to use. It gives you the ability to quickly look at available options based on your preferences. The site also allows digital rental applications and lets you submit credit reports online for screening.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? You can also set alert notifications when a new listing is posted on the site. Now that’s what I call apartment hunting convenience!

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