Do you know that those insidious little pests called termites can cause fire in your home, even when no part of it is made of wood?

You see, termites feed on anything that contains cellulose—a type of nutrient found in materials such as wood, paper, and crops. This means that even your money bills, important documents, and clothes are not safe from potential damage wrought by termite attacks.

Worse, termites can also do damage to your electrical cables and wires, resulting in accidental fires. This is because some electrical wires, especially old ones, contain cellulosic materials that termites feed on.

It’s imperative to always think of ways to protect your home from termites.  Averting the numerous threats brought on by such pests, including the hazards brought on by accidental fires due to termite infestation, you need an extraordinary protectant for your home.

Yes, the Fire Prevention month of March has come and gone but we’re still experiencing rising temperatures.  The past few weeks have shown scorching temperatures become the norm and sure enough, we’re still in the thick of summer season and it looks like things are going to get worse before they get better.

Even if it is Fire Prevention Month is over, it remains important to make it a habit to check our homes of possible termite attacks that can lead to fire, and the Total Termite Solution of Jardine Distribution, Inc. (JDI) can effectively address this concern.

Shield your home from termite infestation with Solignum and Soilguard.  Solignum and Soilguard have been the trusted allies of Filipino families in protecting the structural integrity of their homes from termite attacks.

Complementing the use of Solignum and Soilguard prevents subterranean termites from entering your home by creating a termite-lethal barrier.  No termites eating your electric cables means you’re protecting your home from potential fire hazzards.

Using JDI’s Total Termite Solution is like hitting two birds with one stone—by using Solignum and Soilguard, you protect your homes from termite infestation and the fire hazard that comes with it.

Jardine Distribution, Inc.’s line of Termite Solutions is available in leading DIY and hardware stores (Handyman, Ace, Citi, and Wilcon, among others). For more information, please go to

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