At a highly esteemed occasion held on the 12th of May by the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc. at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater, Anna Andrea Magkawas, the Chief Executive Officer of Luxe Beauty and Wellness, was honored with the prestigious title of Businesswoman of the Year.

The foundation acknowledged Magkawas for her invaluable dedication and commitment to enhancing the country’s economy, and for creating job opportunities for Filipinos through her successful company. She was also praised for her solid collaboration with the media, film, television, and broadcasting sectors in offering hope, service, and inspiration to more Filipinos.

The recognition also emphasized Magkawas’ role in revitalizing the entertainment sector following the pandemic. Her dedication to instilling hope and promoting service through effective media collaborations was commended by the organization. This recognition not only honors Magkawas’ achievements as an entrepreneur but also her beneficial influence on the entertainment industry in the aftermath of the pandemic.

In response to this achievement, Anna expressed gratitude for the award and credited it as an inspiration to keep pushing forward in pursuit of excellence.

Luxe Beauty

“It is incredibly humbling to receive such a recognition. I’m sure many of you know my journey began with selling secondhand bags. This award validates the dedication, the countless nights of work, and the unwavering faith we’ve invested in Luxe Beauty & Wellness.”

During her acceptance speech, she expressed her pride in the fact that her business has gained recognition not only in the Philippines but also in other countries.

“In a span of less than three years, ay napakilala natin nang husto hindi lang po dito sa Pilipinas kundi maging sa ibang bansa ay tinatangkilik po ang produkto na gawang atin. Nakakatuwa lang po na isipin na kapag may nakaka-kwentuhan ako about business, nagugulat po sila kapag nalalaman nila na wala pa po tayong five years kasi ang akala po nila more than five years na po ang business natin. Kaya sobrang proud na proud po ako.” she mentioned.

Anna also took the opportunity to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs by stating, “It’s also a message to every aspiring entrepreneur – believe in your vision, adapt to challenges, and never stop growing.” Her words serve as an encouragement to those pursuing their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Luxe Beauty

The award not only recognizes Anna’s accomplishments but also stands as proof of the success that can be attained through perseverance and determination. As she keeps advancing in the beauty and wellness sector, Magkawas continues to inspire others seeking to create their own way in the business realm.

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