The Philippines has locked in its representatives to compete at the Red Bull Half Court 2024 in New York City, USA, following the last regional showdown in Manila last April 27 at the Bonifacio Shrine.

The journey to make it to this point has been nothing short of spectacular and exciting, as teams from across the country displayed incredible sportsmanship, skill, and resilience on the court. From thrilling buzzer-beaters to jaw-dropping dunks, the Red Bull Half Court series this year has been fierce, and yet only the top twenty four teams: eight men’s qualifying teams, eight men’s wildcard teams, four women’s qualifying teams, and four wildcard teams, were left to compete at the Red Bull Half Court 2024 National Finals.

Last April 27, the qualifying teams with dreams to compete in New York battled it out in the court. Actor and basketball enthusiast Gerald Anderson was in attendance with his team, 3rd Floor. After advancing through the Pool Phase and facing off against four other teams, they reached the Quarter Finals. Despite a valiant effort, they were bested by TNT Tropang Giga with a score of 12-11.

“It was recommended to me. I was looking for a basketball event to compete in and Red Bull Half Court was perfect,” Gerald Anderson said, explaining how he came to know about the event. “Red Bull Half Court is intense,” he commented. “(It’s) very hot due to the intense heat, but overall the concept is great for everyone.”

In the end, Almond Vosotros, Levin Flores, Chester Saldua, and Matt Salem of TNT Tropang Giga and Sam Harada, Kaye Pingol, Eunique Chan, and Afril Bernardino of Uratex Dream earned the prestigious chance to represent the Philippines on the global stage for the Red Bull Half Court 2024 World Finals. Their hard work and dedication have evidently paid off, and these attributes brought them one step closer to their ultimate goal.

Red Bull provided a lot of opportunities for the basketball community in the Philippines, from Cebu, (to) Davao, and here in Manila. It really is a great help for all of the players and we hope that Red Bull will continue this event (Red Bull Half Court) every year or even better if possible twice or thrice a year for everyone to play and participate ” exclaimed Almond Vosotros from TNT Tropang Giga.

Kaye Pingol from Uratex Dream expressed their gratitude and enthusiasm to Red Bull for providing women an opportunity to be seen in a bigger stage, “Red Bull Half Court is a big win for our team, especially (since) women’s basketball isn’t often seen or given a bigger platform here in the Philippines.

In addition to the thrilling matchups on the court, the Red Bull Half Court 2024 National Finals also featured performances by the Philippine All Stars, Pricetagg, Zae and DJ Razikyle. Their electrifying routines brought an extra dimension of entertainment to the event, showcasing not only the incredible agility but also the vibrant cultural scene of the Philippines.

Moreover, amidst the basketball action and artistic performances, attendees were treated to an art showcase by Raco Ruiz. His unique artistic vision brought a touch of creativity and flair to the event. Red Bull’s collaboration with Raco Ruiz and the Manila LGU extended to the revamping of a chosen basketball court for a local community in Manila, including painting a mural for the floor and hoop backstops. Adding to the spectacle, live art demonstrations on the hoop backstops further enriched the atmosphere, and highlighted both sports and artistry in the country.

With their heads held high, the winning teams, TNT Tropang Giga and Uratex Dream now prepare to be the Philippine representatives at the Red Bull Half Court 2024 World Finals, where they’ll face off against formidable teams from different regions.

“This is a really big opportunity, not only for us but women’s basketball in general, to have an opportunity to showcase our talent, and we are extremely happy that we won and will be representing the Philippines in New York,” said Kaye Pingol of Uratex Dream.

The Red Bull Half Court 2024 World Finals will take place in New York this October, where the best street basketball talent from around the globe will battle it out in an unforgettable series of tournaments. As each team prepares for their next challenge, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of a nation united by the love of the game.