If you’re married and sickly then you’re probably missing out a lot of intimate physical action or passionate love-making.

Most of us are trying very hard to look for that great cardio work-out that will fit our lifestyles to keep our body in tip-top shape and away from health problems.  Well, the answer is just right under our noses.  

While this report may be seen as trivial, it is however true that one of the best cardio work out is a healthy dose of the “you know what”.  Here are some of the health benefits of passionate love-making:

  • It is a great stress buster, it relieves tension and helps you sleep better because of the oxytocin released during orgasm.  This chemical also helps reduce pain. Stress causes of a lot of health problems. So when in pain and during extreme stressful situations – well, you know what to do.
  • It improves circulation and keeps the heart healthy.  According to studies, having intimate physical contact with your partner about two or three times a week may reduce the incidence of a heart attack by 50%.
  • Passionate love-making also reduces the incidence of Prostate Cancer in men and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles of women.
  • For those who wants to lose weight or stay fit, intercourse seriously burns a lot of calories.  Now that’s a really satisfying work-out.
  • The act also boosts immunity, those who have it two or more times a week have a higher level of antibodies which can protect you from getting colds and other infections.

Now that is a lot of reason to do it!

Happy Valentines Everyone! 

Disclaimer: This article is meant to highlight the health benefits of and is not intended to promote promiscuity.

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