BlockchainSpace launches Guild Hub to legitimize guilds and web3 communities. Global data aggregator and infrastructure provider says legitimizing guilds unlocks more opportunities for communities.

The emergence of online communities in Web3 such as gaming guilds have been instrumental in driving Web3 adoption among Filipinos, creating opportunities for entrepreneurship and financial stability. However, guild owners have yet to formally legitimize their businesses, which BlockchainSpace (BSPC), the leading data aggregator and infrastructure provider for guilds and Web3 projects, seeks to achieve through the launch of its new project, Guild Hub.

[L-R] Jen Bilango, Guild Hub General Manager, LLGMobius Founder Lucas Low, MVP CEO Gerb Inajada, and BlockchainSpace (BSPC) CEO and Founder Peter Ing discussed the role of guilds in the metaverse, opportunities and challenges of guilds and BSPC’s commitment to guild empowerment during the launch of Guild Hub.

“Cryptocurrency adoption wouldn’t have reached the level it has today if not for the guild owners and managers who took the initiative to help aspiring Web3 users to enter and thrive in the space,” said BSPC CEO and Founder Peter Ing, whose company strongly advocates guild growth through tooling, financing, networking, and now, with Guild Hub.

Despite the crucial role of guilds in cryptocurrency adoption, representatives from Metaverse Ventures Platform, Inc. (MVP) and LimitLess Guild (LLG) Mobius still experience various challenges in recognition as legitimate businesses outside the space, hindering them from more opportunities and further growth.

“Web3 gaming being recognized and accepted as a profession by other institutions has been a major challenge for us in unlocking more opportunities for our members. As long as guilds have this problem, we won’t be able to reach our fullest potential and ensure long-term sustainability for our businesses,” shared MVP CEO Gerb Inajada.

“We believe that the GameFi community is one of the key drivers of web3 development. As part of the ecosystem, we work together to become good actors and foster growth together. We assist each other to unlock our full potential, improve our overall perception, and augment our impact in the community,” LLGMobius Founder Lucas Low added.

BSPC’s Guild Hub aims to solve the issue of business legitimacy, guaranteeing a more effective way of policing the community and ensuring that all guilds are accounted for and safe to partner with.

With Guild Hub, guilds are provided a ‘Guild Profile’, a BSPC-issued identity that allows them to access several projects and platforms and view services, platforms, products, crypto on-ramps and off-ramps, news, and analytics.

Games will also be able to determine which guilds to partner with through Guild Hub, while players can find out which communities to connect with, resulting in effective and efficient product & services discovery and scalable community engagement.

“The launch of Guild Hub marks the beginning of a new era for guilds. As we at BSPC work to help Web3 businesses gain legitimacy, they’ll be able to enjoy business opportunities to impact not only their members but also communities outside the metaverse,” said Guild Hub General manager Jen Bilango.