Say HELO to the future of grade A wearable medical devices!

Don’t worry I have spelled that correctly – HELO, pronounced as <heelow> is one of the two state-of-the-art health devices from the Wor(l)d Global Network, a well recognized leading global MLM company that research and develop innovative technologies to help people live better lives.

Founded by Fabio Galdi who is known for various IT innovations, he developed one of the first touchscreen LCD PC and also one of the most successful VoIP solutions for residential use in the world. He also created the 5th largest ISP in Europe.

Now through Wor(l)d he’s creating a new worldwide social revolution that aims to help people live better and he’s bringing it here now in the Philippines.

Last Saturday, I was one of the participants in a special product presentation held exclusively for online media at Max’s Ali Mall given by Wor(l)d representative Ms. Joy Chua. In a brief discussion, she introduced two of their most innovative wellness devices and explained why it’s going to change the world.



HELO is a “Life-Sensing” wearable technology that do more than just track your activities.

When the first HELO personal lifestyle monitor wristband was launched one and a half years ago, it created a shockwave in the wearable technology market.


The HELO difference:

  • Unlike the leading wearable activity trackers, HELO is not limited to monitoring and reporting physical data. It has several active sensors that also records emotions, fatigue, sleep quality, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate and ECG.
  • It has a built-in GPS with a panic button that sends out your location to a selected mobile receiver via email or text message when activated during emergency situations.
  • New features, like non-invasive blood sugar monitoring, has been launched and will be available 4-5 months from now through the Helo App Store.
  • HELO also contains 99.9% pure Germanium stones that is known to have many potential benefits to the human body.

More About Germanium

The mention of the health benefits of Germanium is new to me so it got me googling, and here are some of the things that I read from the internet:

  • Germanium is a shiny grayish-white semi-metal (metalloid) that is found on the periodic table with an atomic number of 32. It is a rare semiconductor element that has a natural ability to emit negative ions – once it comes in contact with the human skin, it will attract the harmful positively charged electrons in our body. (research on the effects of negative ions in the body)
  • Germanium also has the ability to emit a high percent of Far Infrared Rays that penetrate deep into the human body. When Far Infrared Rays are absorbed into the various organs of the human body, it activates, revitalizes, develops and strengthens them. It also increases temperature under the skin as well as promotes micro circulatory flow within the human body, thus improving one’s overall health condition. (source:
  • While scientific research has not been conclusive, here are some of the perceived health benefits of using these stones:
    • Strengthens one’s immune system
    • Increases blood circulation
    • Raises oxygen levels
    • Speeds up metabolism of body cells
    • Regulates positive and negative ions within the body
    • Removes harmful toxins
    • Relieves joint and muscle pain
    • Alleviates physical stress, stiffness, cramps or discomfort
    • Controls swelling
    • Reduces water retention
    • Relieves fatigue and tiredness
    • Promotes quality sleep
    • Slows down ageing
    • Prevents bacterial growth
    • Increases and maintains body warmth

I was also thinking of putting some Germanium stones inside my wallet to heal my finances (haha) 🙂

So anyway, those are just some of the things that makes the HELO a revolutionary device. I asked how accurate were the sensors and Ms. Chua said that it gets pretty much very accurate when properly calibrated – which means that you need to wear it as often as possible so that the device can get better in tune with your body.


Now there are two HELO devices that are out in the market – HELO LX and HELO LX+  – a third line called HELO LX PRO is coming up soon. The HELO LX+ is fitted with Clinical Grade Sensors, so practically it’s already a medical device.

Let’s run down some of its features:


  • Heart Rate
  • Breath Rate
  • Mood
  • Energy
  • Calories
  • Steps
  • Guardian Function
  • Plugin Enabled
  • Open API Sugar Trend


You get all the upgraded features of the LX and more:

  • 3 Axis Gyroscope
  • EKG Clinical Grade Sensors
  • NIR Sensors
  • Red Sensors
  • UV Sensors
  • Skin Contact Sensors
  • XS and XL Bands
  • EKG Analysis Ready

The HELO Box Set comes with the device, a 5-pack interchangeable wristbands and the Germanium stones.

With all these features in one wearable device, I think the title of “Life Oracle” is most fitting. While it may not replace medical intervention, this device will make you more in control of your health and wellness.

Now there’s one more device that was presented by Wor(l)d last Saturday and it’s called BIOZEN – and that’s up next on rainCHECK. 🙂

Interested parties may also learn more or make purchases at or contact Ms Jacqueline Joy Chua at 0917 792 8858