LOVING MISS BRIDGETTE – Beauty Gonzales after signing with GMA Network last June, is now having a May-December affair with another GMA talent Kelvin Miranda?

Portraying the role of a guidance counselor named Miss Bridgette in GMA Afternoon Prime’s newest drama anthology STORIES FROM THE HEART: LOVING MISS BRIDGETTE, Beauty will be at the center of a heated issue that confronts what many would call as taboo. A young student (Kelvin Miranda) falling in love and having a relationship with a guidance counselor in his school. Yes, age is most probably going to be not the main issue here.

loving miss bridgette

The mini series which started last September 13, has caught the attention of a lot of Filipino TV audiences. Mainly because the story, whether we admit it or not, has happened in reality.

The fact that guidance counselors were trained to be “liked” or at least be “approachable” in the mildest sense. Or in a clinical point of view be the person that would understand a troubled student best and help him or her change or go through whatever circumstances, to become the best person that they can be. Someone who you can relate to, or feel kindness, or love.

It’s just so easy to fall in love with a guidance counselor. And there lies the biggest conflict of all – and that is what the drama anthology will try to present its audience.

In a recent blog conference with Beauty and Kelvin’s co-actors Polo Ravales, Tart Carlos, Nikki Co and Julia Lee, the four shared their own experiences and stories that are similar to their characters in the mini series.

Tart Carlos said that her ex boyfriend was much younger while both Polo and Nikki said that they are pretty much attracted to older women.

Polo also said during the interview that the possibility of men falling for older women is already a given, also with students falling in love with their teachers or counselors. It’s that easy. However with the restrictions caused by the pandemic, he believes that the stories presented in Loving Miss Bridgette would possibly take on a different form since a face to face interaction is definitely a big contributory factor for intensifying amorous feelings.

The cast said that the series was a fun shoot despite the limitations.

Directed by Adolf Alix, Jr. STORIES FROM THE HEART: LOVING MISS BRIDGETTE also features Adrian Alandy as Luther Tamayo, Bing Loyzaga as Stella Villareal, Pamela Prinster as Abby Mendoza, Shanika Arganda as Niña Torrente, Lloyd Samartino as Manolo Villareal and Noel Colet as Dr. Solano.

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