Voltes V: Legacy actor MATT LOZANO has just released his self-penned song “Walang Pipigil” which debuted at the number 2 spot on iTunes.

Matt revealed in a blog conference that getting his song out is a dream come true, a wish, a goal that he made when he was still just a teenager, he cried when it made it to iTunes. His dreams are now being realized.

The song written 10 years ago (2011), inspired by stories of his first love “Paula” and talks about making relationships work despite of all the obstacles or challenges. It’s a jazzy type of love song that expresses his intention to keep on fighting for a love, but sadly that relationship didn’t end up the way Matt hoped it would saying in an interview,

“Pinaglaban ko pero ako hindi n’ya ako pinaglaban,”

Maybe his next song should be about “It Takes Two To Tango” or something like that 🙂

And what did he learn from that experience? Matt said,

“Hindi mo pala dapat ibigay ng 100% ang sarili mo sa isang tao, kasi pag wala kang itinira sa sarili mo, mawawasak ka,”

Matt Lozano also arranged the song. And it took a while to release because he was waiting for the right time to do it. And with him, announced as being part of the cast Voltes V: Legacy as Big Bert, that presented an opportunity for him to introduce himself to the public as not only an actor but also a singer-songwriter and performer.


In a recent blogcon, Matt Lozano said that if given a chance he would like to collaborate with Crystal Paras (The Lost Recipe) for duet original.

Matt has been in the entertainment industry since 2008 and revealed that he’s experienced a lot of hurt during that time but also explained that he does love what he’s doing and considers this new single and acting project as his biggest break and motivator so far, to not give up.

“Kailangan ko lang kapitan ang sarili ko, mahalin ko ang sarili ko at mga fans ko, para hindi ako mawala,”

Matt Lozano looks up to Slash (GNR), John Mayer, Johnny Depp and Epy Quizon, and considers them as major influences for both in singing and acting.

Also during the interview, Matt said being a performer and actor during this time is very difficult. Because it’s very inconsistent and unpredictable. Projects gets moved, cancelled or postponed. As a singer-performer, he expressed his frustration on not being able to sing in front of a live audience and face to face. Being able to perform live online in streams is a consolation though.


Aside from his music and shows, Matt Lozano is now Bench endorser representing the plus size market.

Watch the Full Interview Here:

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