In celebration of friendships that transcends generations, San Miguel Pale Pilsen hosted a one-of-a-kind shindig at Whitespace Manila last Thursday.

On May 14, SMB released two awesome music videos on its social media pages with the theme “Kahit Kailan, Walang Iwanan” to celebrate lasting friendships and the SMB brand’s position of importance in almost all the milestone moments in the lives of every Pinoy barkada.

The first music video, “SIDE A”, perfectly captures how older drinkers partied in the 70s, complete with flared pants, long hair, disco music and a bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

The second music video, “SIDE B”, shows how drinkers party in 2019 – hitting clubs in street wear, showing off hip-hop moves, partying to EDMs but still enjoying the same San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

These two videos however have a secret hiding in plain sight!

What sets this new campaign apart from the previous ones that used dual mobile video executions is the merging of standalone songs from two contrasting genres to bridge the gap between generations.

Download the videos to your mobile devices, grab a friend who has the video on his phone as well and then play these two videos side-by-side at the same time and watch how the two interact as one.

A basketball shot in “SIDE A” becomes a basketball video game alley-oop pass in “SIDE B”. A classic disco dance move in “SIDE A” is complemented by a pop-and-lock move in “SIDE B”. The electro-infused vocals of “SIDE B” is harmonized by the Motown-style backup singers from “SIDE B”.

The over-all experience is truly mind-blowing!

“Much has been said about the differences between millennials and the older generation,” said Bea Totanes, Brand Manager for San Miguel Pale Pilsen, “To make two contrasting generations realize that they actually have more in common, that is something I think we can be proud of as a brand.”

Prior to the party, SMB long-time friends and ambassadors Jett Pangan of the Dawn, Sabado Nights’ Ina Raymudo and online celeb Kimpoy Feliciano shared their experiences with San Miguel Pale Pilsen and talks about what real friendship is all about.

The guests are then divided into two groups and led into two separate party venue inside Whitespace Manila.

Naturally, I was led to the vintage party area (HAHAHA) which is more happening I might add! There’s a lighted disco floor complemented by a gigantic mirror ball that really sets the mood for a party in the 70s and 80s.

The place got old vintage stuff as decors like cassette players, old cameras, rotary phones, a typewriter, walkman, juke box, pinball machine and a functioning arcade machine which features an old version of Street Fighter.

We also got live music performances playing some of the heaviest dance hits from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Now I don’t know what was happening on the other side but later on we got the biggest surprise when the walls that divides the two groups were removed and the party became one.

The biggest highlight of the evening for me was when The Dawn did a mini concert, performing some of their hits that were also big hits for San Miguel Pale Pilsen such as Salamat and Iisang Bangka Tayo.

Here’s a video of their performances:

Watch the new San Miguel Pale Pilsen videos on their Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.