TV5 together with Studio Viva and Sari-Sari presents the TV series adaptation of one of the biggest action masterpieces of the 80s – LUMUHOD KA SA LUPA – a classic tale of love and vengeance that starred iconic superstars Rudy Fernandez (Norman) and Eddie Garcia (Balmores) together with some of the biggest names in showbiz during that time, Jackie Lou Blanco (Mercy), Mark Gil (Miguel), Ricky Davao, and child actress Rose Ann Gonzales.

In the first-ever TV adaptation, which will premiere on April 8 (Monday) and airing weekdays afternoon right after Eat Bulaga, KIKO ESTRADA will fill in the shoe of the late Rudy Fernandez as he plays his first lead role as an action star.

Kiko, who attended the advance media screening and mediacon held at the TV5 Media Center said that the character of “Norman” will feature KIKO 2.0 – a new and more determined Kiko Estrada who almost gave up on showbiz two years ago. He also reiterated that the new project is not a “make or break” for his career but rather a “make and make” because he and the rest of the “Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa” team made sure that this series will be a huge success!

Also returning to the screen is SARAH LAHBATI who will play the role of “Mercy” in the series, the second big character in the whole story originally played by Jackie Lou Blanco in 1986. “Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa” Sarah revealed, is, in-a-way, her re-entry to the world of showbiz as she also said yes to other projects – one of which is outside the Philippines.

Interestingly, the role of Judge Balmores (originally played by Eddie Garcia) was given to GARDO VERSOZA. So we’ll see a very different, darker, angrier, “Cupcake” in this series.

Three other actors worth taking note of who bore interesting roles in the series are: SID LUCERO, MARK ANTHONY FERNANDEZ and RHEN ESCANO.

Sid takes on the role of “Miguel” that his father Mark Gil portrayed in the original film, one of the main characters actually, even bigger than that of Judge Balmores. Because he will be the greatest rival of “Norman” through and through.

Mark Anthony didn’t get his father’s role, but the role he got fits perfectly! He plays the role of Brando in the series, the ruthless and capable right hand man of Judge Balmores. He is the dirty glove.

Rhen Escano will play the role of Jane who’s character is both a pleasant addition to the narrative and intriguing. Rhen teases during the mediacon that this film launches her as a female “action star”.

LUMUHOD KA SA LUPA is penned by iconic writer and comic book creator Carlo J. Caparas which was serialized in Aliwan Komiks back in the 80s. It was adapted to film in 1986 and then in 1993 with Romnick Sarmenta in the lead.

The 2024 TV Series version will feature an ensemble cast of other talented actors like Andrew Muhlach, Phoebe Walker, Andre Yllana, Ashley Diaz, Annika Co, Rose Van Ginkel, Jeffrey Hidalgo, and Jeric Raval.

The story of LUMUHOD KA SA LUPA revolves around the theme of “revenge” – we asked the actors about their thoughts about vengeance and people in their lives who most deserve it:

Don’t miss the premiere of Carlo J. Caparas’ Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa on April 8, airing weekdays at 2:30 PM on TV5’s Hapon Champion block, with same-day catch-ups on Sari-Sari Channel at 8 PM. For more updates, follow TV5’s social media accounts or visit

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