Mornings will be filled with music and inspiration beginning the 7th of May as GMA Network presents its newest feel-good Musical RomCom TV series “My Guitar Princess” featuring Asia’s Pop Sweetheart, the one and only Julie Anne San Jose.

The story revolves around Celina (Julie) who, just like in the 2017 animated film “Coco” dreamed of nothing but a life of music – and just like in the film, will face some major road blocks as she begins to thread her chosen path. The series will air its pilot episode on Monday (May 7) on the morning telebabad right before Eat Bulaga.

Two Thursdays ago, we were able to talk to Julie Anne San Jose, Direk Nick and some of the cast of the series. The cast shared several reasons why My Guitar Princess is a must-watch series.

  • Director Nick Olanka said that the title “My Guitar Princess” has a much deeper meaning than what it directly implies. Aside from emphasizing on the over-all theme of the series as a musical romcom – My Guitar Princess as a titular representation of the character of Julie Anne San Jose will come from many sources and interpretation (her mom, her friends, her love interests, etc.) that will be revealed as the series progresses.
  • My Guitar Princess also refers to Julie Anne San Jose the artist and performer. In fact, her 2012 self-titled debut album which garnered the rare Diamond Record Award (only two other artists have received the recognition in the past 10 years) featured Julie on the cover with her guitar.
  • Julie Anne said that she can relate very much with her character “Celina” in the series. It is known that her parents were not really a big fan of her decision to go into showbiz but she bargained to make well with her studies while pursuing her dreams of making music.
  • One thing unique about the series is that all the characters’ names were based on famous international music icons. Let’s make a quick rundown:
    • Julie Anne San Jose (Celina)
    • Gil Cuerva (Elton)
    • Kiko Estrada (Justin)
    • Jazz Ocampo (Katy)
    • Isabella De Leon (Taylor)
    • Kier Legaspi (Elvis)
    • Sheryl Cruz (Adele)
    • Marika Sasaki (Britney)
    • Marc Abaya (Smith)
    • Frank Garcia (George)
    • Ralf King (Adam)
    • Maey Bautista (Dolly)
    • Lui Manansala (Barbara)

  • Also, worth taking a note of, all the musicians’ names used in the series have certain similarities with the characters who bore it.
  • My Guitar Princess will also be a weekly musical treat to viewers as characters will give us different kinds of original musical numbers performed as part of the series and creatively edited to mix well with the story. These mini MTV features will be uploaded as they appear on the series’ very own YouTube channel. There’s also a possibility that production will make a compilation album of all the original music that will be featured in the series.

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