It’s the first time I’ve heard of COUNTRY BANKERS INSURANCE GROUP (CBIG) last Tuesday (February 27) when I attended their very first bloggers conference held at Casino Espanol in Kalaw, Manila on the occasion of the company’s 53rd anniversary celebration.

There are about more than 30 insurance companies actively operating here in the Philippines with Philam Life, Insular Life, ManuLife, Philippine AXA and PRU Life emerging on the top of that list based on the latest figures from the Philippine Insurance Commission. CBIG on the other hand appears consistently within the boundaries of the Top 20 on that list, which is a remarkable feat for a local insurance group that made their humble beginnings serving the rural areas in the Philippines.


Founding President Jose E. Desiderio, Sr. has started Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation (CBLIC) in March 28, 1965 with the aim of addressing the insurance of countryside folks, catering mainly to SMEs, farmers, fishermen and public school teachers – an untapped market during that time.

Accessible insurance to low-income Filipinos (or the C, D and E market segment) has been the Desiderio family’s legacy which has been passed on to now a third generation down the line with Ms. Geraldine Desiderio-Garcia at the helm as its Senior Vice president and General Manager.

Now called as COUNTRY BANKERS INSURANCE GROUP (CBIG), the company has two subsidiaries: Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation (CBLIC) and Country Bankers Insurance Corporation (CBIC) who handles all its non-life insurance products.


For almost six decades now, CBIG continues to develop a wide array of insurance plans that are not only practical and relevant, but also provide the necessary support for the plan holders in time of need.

When asked about their biggest strengths, Garcia said during the event that CBIG is known to be always in good standing when it comes to the payment of claims – they are not only consistent but also prompt and fast because they know that their client’s needs always comes first and foremost.


Here’s a list of their products for both Life and Non-Life:

Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation Plans

  • Classic Benefit – a lifetime protection with single premium or 3, 5, 7 and 10 years to pay options. 100% death benefit with accumulating cash value starting on the 2nd year of the plan for an individual up to age 96.
  • Golden Classic Benefit – Lifetime protection payable in 3 years with 100% death benefit and also accumulates cash values starting on the 2nd year for an individual up to 100 years of age.
  • Cash Benefit Ipon – Salary Savings Insurance protection for employees, payable in five years via salary deduction.
  • Classic Benefit Kalinga – the most comprehensive family insurance program designed for a group of 500 or more members, borrowers, depositors or savers of an MFI, rural or thrift banks, cooperatives and NGOs engaged in microfinance.
  • Alalay Sa Buhay (ASB) – Provides renewable one-year insurance to individuals 13 to 70 years old for only 365 Pesos with natural and accidental death benefits. ASB is also available for families and seniors, with ASB family being renewable up to age 70 for principal insured and covers up to 3 to 5 family members for only 750 Pesos for one unit. ASB for seniors covers individuals ages 71 to 80 and offers insurance for one year for only 1,000 Pesos per unit.
  • CBLIC also has other individual and group term plans like: Creditor’s Group Life, Mortgage Redemption Insurance and Renewable Term Annual Insurance products.

Country Bankers Insurance Corporation Plans (Non-Life)

  • Fire Insurance – covers property against fire and lightning damages.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance – covers vehicles against loss (includes theft) or damage due to accident.
  • Scheduled Property Floater – covers movable equipment and property against loss or damage.
  • Personal Accident – a 24 hour, all risk accident insurance, anywhere in the world, on or off the job, at home or away, at play, while travelling in public or private conveyances (land and sea travel) and during commercial airline flights.
  • Money Securities and Payroll – covers against robbery or forcible taking of monies, securities and payroll monies inside or outside the bank’s premises.
  • Comprehensive General Liability – covers business against its legal liability and third parties arising from any hazards in the conduct of business activities.
  • Engineering Lines Insurance Products like the Contractor’s All Risk, Erection All Risk and Electronic Equipment Insurance.
  • Marine Cargo – covers cargo or movable property against marine hazards and other perils during transportation from one location to another.
  • Surety Bonds – guarantees the obligation of the principal in favor of the obligee. An instrument of guarantee that will secure compliance and performance of an obligation or undertaking required by law or contract.
  • Fidelity Bonds – Guarantees the honesty of an employee or officer charged with the custody and handling of funds and property of his or her employer.


Garcia shared that while they’re only known in NCR principally for their non-life insurance products, she stressed that Country Bankers is a trusted name in the countryside especially among all the low-income earners. She also revealed that majority of those who lost their properties and life during the onslaught of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) were Country Bankers plan holders – the calamity has brought them the welcomed opportunity to help the victims in all ways possible.

Ms. Garcia with Aiai Delas Alas

“I want our company to be known as a ‘company with a heart’ and a company that can be relied upon to deliver its commitment. We will continue to deliver what we promise to give,” concludes Garcia.

This commitment has endeared Country Bankers to comedy concert queen Aiai Delas Alas who was also present during the blog conference last Tuesday to give her testimonials as a proud plan holder of Country Bankers Insurance products.

Aiai revealed that she even bought Country Bankers insurance plans for all her loyal fans, and some of them have made claims already. Proof that her faith in the company is really rewarded.


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