Viy Cortez, a prominent Youtuber turned CEO, exemplified this in her journey with Viyline Cosmetics, and she attests to the potential of TikTok Shop as a significant partner in elevating a brand’s digital presence and transforming the landscape of a business venture.

Viy started her business venture with a modest amount of Php 10,000 loan from her partner and fiancé Cong TV, also a prominent vlogger in the country. She worked her way to the top and did everything to provide the best quality products for her customers. With her loyal supporters, people started to notice Viyline Cosmetics and recognize its affordable yet high-quality and FDA-approved cosmetics product line.

Rise through Online Content

Viy did not stop from riding on the waves of her success. She saw extensive opportunities in the rising online e-commerce platforms, and was quick to recognize the potential of TikTok Shop, then a newcomer in the industry which brought a paradigm shift in the virtual landscape.

Viy Cortez harnessed the power of short-form videos and user-generated content to highlight the uniqueness of her product offerings, creating a direct and authentic connection with her customers. She also utilized the vast innovative solutions that TikTok Shop offered, such as the key livestream sessions and product deals that most of her loyal customers love.

Moreover, TikTok shop has a user-friendly interface which creates a seamless experience for customers to easily browse, engage, and make purchases. She used this convenience factor and incorporated it well into her business strategies.

Brand Prominence

TikTok Shop made a vast impact on Viyline Cosmetics’ digital presence, as evidenced by the brand’s rapid growth and increased visibility. Viyline Cosmetics achieved more than 1,500% increase in its overall sales and livestream sales last December 2022 compared to its first key live stream last May 2022. These numerical values encapsulate how TikTok Shop pivoted Viyline Cosmetics’ market growth and accentuated the brand’s popularity in the cosmetics industry. It also showcased that even for a short period of time a brand can access rapid progress and development on the platform.

From starting small with her passion for entrepreneurship to thriving as one of the remarkable local brands in the Philippines’ cosmetics industry, Viy Cortez’s journey serves as an inspiration to all aspiring business enthusiasts. Viyline Cosmetics stayed on the curve of the digital landscape and received a remarkable transformation through TikTok Shop.

“I am incredibly excited for Viyline Group of Companies, and I look forward to it being one of the biggest and strongest companies in the Philippines,” Viy said, adding: “If you want to achieve success, you just need to trust the process and work hard.”

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