Malayan Insurance sheds light on the value and impact of non-life insurance in today’s modern living and in protecting one’s future.

“Having your assets, properties, and other investments secured is a critical consideration in growing one’s financial standing and health. In the advent of different crises, health, natural catastrophes, and accidents, an extra layer of protection is always a must,” Malayan Insurance President and CEO, Paolo Abaya says.

“When one invests in himself and his assets, that includes protecting it too. That’s where non-life coverage comes in. We cover personal accidents, natural calamity effects, fire, flood, vehicular accidents, travel mishaps, and the like. All these sum up to protecting not just one’s life but also one’s investments,” he adds.

Malayan’s Lifestyle Insurance products seamlessly integrate to one’s way of life and help protect Filipinos on a daily basis, keeping them focused on a burden-free life and protected from financial losses.

From traversing the skies with TravelMaster, an extensive personal accident insurance with emergency medical treatment, COVID-19 coverage, personal liability protection, recovery of travel expenses, travel assistance and travel inconveniences benefits to giving riders and owners confidence on the road with AutoMaster and MotoOne, a comprehensive car and motorcycle insurance, respectively.

Your life at home also stays safe with Home Protect, an insurance that protects homes from fire, lightning and other disasters such as earthquake, typhoon, flood, riots and malicious damages and also covers family accidents and hospitalization.

To protect even the furriest family member, Malayan designed Pet Insurance for a pet parent’s peace of mind; covering pet medical expenses, pet’s burial assistance benefit, pet owners’ liability and owners’ personal accident cover.

Malayan Insurance also offers Business Protect Insurance for extended solutions made affordable to small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

To Abaya, there’s more to non-life insurance than meets the eye. He considers the industry an instrument of nation-building.

“In addition to offering products that support your lifestyle, we always make sure to give back to and support our local communities as part of our social responsibility.  Insurance is also a way for us to contribute to our country as we rebuild and support people’s lives and making our economy more resilient from uncertainties such as accidents and catastrophes,” Abaya explains.

As Malayan Insurance continues to innovate and develop new and relevant insurance products to today’s lifestyle and setting, the company is also actively participating in the country’s digital economy, providing access to non-life insurance at every level of a consumer’s need by partnering with Diskartech, the country’s first all-in-one financial inclusion app offering fintech services and with GCash, the country’s leading mobile wallet.

“We are actively developing relevant non-life insurance policies in the emerging and easily accessible digital platforms today. Malayan intends to stay ahead by keeping up with market trends, customer preferences and regulatory changes,” the Malayan President and CEO promises.

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