For over 20 years, Global Dominion Financing, Inc. has been instrumental in providing Filipinos with the financial means to realize their dreams for themselves and their families.

Global Dominion

Global Dominion has spearheaded innovative loan solutions that address Filipinos’ evolving needs, encompassing car purchases, business capital, educational expenses for their children or siblings, home improvements, and unforeseen circumstances such as emergencies and medical expenses.

Global Dominion has been instrumental in transforming aspirations into reality. Their unsecured and secured credit facilities cater not only to individuals but also to businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises by providing them accessibility without the strict loan requirements, which are not typically associated with traditional financial institutions or banks.

In its early years, Global Dominion Financing Inc. focused on serving the medical community, establishing itself as a financing company for doctors and medical entrepreneurs. As time progressed, the company forged invaluable partnerships with loan clients, field agents, government agencies, car and truck dealers, financial institutions, and technology providers.

During the pandemic, Global Dominion stepped up and continued extending loans to support micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Many of these enterprises that thrived online during the pandemic now have their own physical stores and are further expanding their businesses.

One of Global Dominion’s standout offerings is its car refinancing product, known as the “Sangla OR/CR” loan. This product allows car and business owners to apply for a loan using only the original copies of their vehicle’s official receipt and certificate of registration. Unlike traditional collateral-based loans, borrowers do not need to surrender their vehicles, enabling them to maintain their day-to-day operations seamlessly. Repayment typically spans 24 to 36 months, covering both the principal and interest.

“In spite of adversities, our revenue significantly grew in 2022 compared to 2021, a remarkable turnaround from the challenges brought about by the pandemic,” stated Robert B. Jordan, Jr., Vice Chairman and CEO of Global Dominion. “We approach our customers and opportunities with fresh eyes, as if we were newcomers to the industry, allowing us to address problems with renewed perspective.”

Global Dominion has collaborated with associations, technology providers, and other financial institutions to bolster its efficient process and network capabilities. This strategic approach enabled them to adapt swiftly during the pandemic, leveraging advanced technologies to enhance their overall operational efficiency. Additionally, a pivotal partnership facilitated a digital transformation of their collection and payroll processes, streamlining account enrollment in real-time, and eliminating the need for manual batching

In 2022, Philippine Rating Services Corporation (PhilRatings) granted Global Dominion Financing Inc. an issuer credit rating of PRS A plus (corp.), accompanied by a stable outlook for its 2021 financials. This rating signifies the company’s above-average capacity to meet its financial commitments relative to other Philippine corporations.

Patricia Palacios, President and COO of Global Dominion, proudly declared, “As a result of our collective efforts, we achieved remarkable financial results in 2022.” Notable achievements included the expansion of their loan portfolio, robust growth in the Sangla OR/CR products, and the introduction of several technology and people development initiatives.

At the core of Global Dominion’s endeavors lies its commitment to all its Ka-partners. The company envisions an even broader impact, aspiring to serve and empower more Ka-partners. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to expansion and service improvement, eagerly anticipating continued partnerships and growth in the years to come,” added Poco-Palacios.

Global Dominion is not just a financial institution; it is a lifeline for Filipinos, offering accessible and affordable loan products and services. The company has expanded its footprint to eight additional cities and provinces across the Philippines, totaling 84 branches nationwide. This expansion brings financial accessibility even closer to Filipinos in need.

As they celebrate their achievements, Global Dominion cherishes their customers as their greatest stakeholders. They annually honor outstanding clients with the #GoDreamer Awards and Recognition, showcasing inspirational entrepreneurial stories from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Through these efforts, Global Dominion Financing Inc. continues to be a cornerstone of financial empowerment for Filipinos, lighting the path to their dreams.

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