DK Talents a project of Fil-Canadian singer and vocal coach DK Tijam recently showcased six of the most talented Fil-Canadian singers in a special Mother’s Day TV special!

Flowers, chocolates, and an intimate meal. Those are some of the most common ways people celebrate Mother’s Day and show appreciation for the mothers who love and support their children unconditionally. But six of Toronto’s talented Filipino-Canadian ladies from around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) had another thing in mind as they performed their hearts out for mothers everywhere for a night of music, dance, and performing arts.

DK Talents

The event, dubbed GirlPower for the SuperMoms and in partnership with Filipino TV, began with a lively performance from Gloriane, Chelsea, Arielle, Alyssa, Antoinette, and Kayleigh of DK Talents of their rendition of the hit Abba song, “Mamma Mia.”

“Our preparation for this TV special was straightforward. I knew that we had to be efficient because the only challenge we had was matching all our schedules together–for meetings and rehearsals. You know, life in Canada is arguably about being fast-paced and working hard, so having the support and cooperation from the parents (of my students)  was much appreciated,” DK Tijam of DK Talents said.

Each lady prepared a song that’s either a message for mothers, an embodiment of a mother’s love, or simply their mothers’ favorite songs. The performance was genuine and entertaining as the DK Talents members sang from the bottom of their hearts.

DK Talents’ Dazzling Pop Star Antoinette serenaded the audience with a soothing version of two classic love songs: “La Vie En Rose” and “You Are My Sunshine.” Her calming voice, partnered with the slow melody from combining the two pieces, will surely tug on the heartstrings.

In the meantime, Kayleigh, dubbed DK Talents’ Shining Songbird, gave a powerful show on stage with her version of “Don’t You Worry About A Thing.” She demonstrated her vocal range and prowess while oozing confidence. Kayleigh’s stage presence is undeniable as she coaxes audiences to train their attention on her. The young lady’s talent and passion for music also landed her a spot on the Netflix movie “13 the Musical.”

Other performances include Gloriane giving her soulful rendition of “Put Your Records On,” with Chelsea and Arielle going down a more pop route by singing the hits “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” and “Mom,” respectively. Meanwhile, Alyssa gave a moving version of “True Colours” to show how mothers everywhere love their children unconditionally for who they are.

Besides the touching performances from the young ladies, they also took some time to sit down and talk about their mothers, specifically their relationship, and how much their light and love inspired them to become the young women they are today.

Some topics for discussion include their favorite memories with their mothers, the nuances they love about them, and the lessons that still resonate with them. Moreover, they shared their culture as Filipino-Canadians, and being of mixed descent adds vibrancy to their lives.

Apart from being the special’s producer, stage director, writer, and in charge of vocal arrangement, DK was hands-on with the DK Talents members by guiding them with their songs, stage performance, and spiels.

“It was very sweet to see their parents helping them with their make-up and outfits. Weeks prior, we were training them vocally, and we only had a single dance rehearsal for their group number. All in all, it was a win because everyone had a blast, and the girls worked fantastically together!” he shared.

Chelsea, Antoinette, and Alyssa even added their input to the production by helping with the choreography, adding more flair to the special.

The young women of DK Talents are students of Canada-based Filipino artist DK Tijam, who taught them how to project their voice properly while commanding any stage.

Initially hailing from the Philippines, DK was a grand finalist for the television competition Star in a Million on ABS-CBN during the early 2000s before moving to Toronto, Canada, where he now coaches young, aspiring singers.

As a vocal coach, DK saw favorable results among his students whenever he partners his lessons with some positive affirmation. It helped his students gain confidence and pursue their dreams as they began competing in singing competitions or performing on stage.

“Being their mentor is always a breath of fresh air for me. I’m really fond of not just coaching them but also studying and mastering their voices. It makes the vocal training a much more fun experience when you (as a vocal coach) have that natural eagerness to get to know your students, their vocal capabilities, personalities, dreams, and purpose,” DK said.

GirlPower for the SuperMoms is a stepping stone for the young ladies of DK Talents as they continue pursuing their careers in the music industry.

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