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New Discoveries in Today’s Textbooks

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New Discoveries

For those of you who have not been in school for a very long time, here are three of the most significant new things you’ll learn from today’s textbooks and classes.


This refers to the fossilized human remains of  a modern man, homo sapiens as distinguisehed from a mid-pleistocene homo erectus species found in the Tabon Cave of Palawan Philippines on May 28, 1962.  Carbon 14 dated to roughly 22,000 – 20,000 BCE.  This means the fossilized  remains was pre-mongoloid (pre modern malay, indonesian, pacific, filipino) and does not resembles a negrito.    



Our solar system now only have 8 official planet orbiting the sun.  Pluto was voted off and is now considered as ”dwarf planet.”  One of the more than 40 dwarfs previously identified.


These two words became the buzz words of the new decade.  Global Warming is define as an increase in the average temperature of the earth.  A sustained increase in temperature then causes Climate Change.  One natural cause of climate change which cyclically occur and lasts for 40,00 years is the release of the greenhouse gas methane from arctic tundra and wetlands.  Man-made causes are over-population, pollution and the continuous burning of fossil fuels.

There were a lot or recent discoveries and breakthroughs in the past decade but these three will have some really significant influence in the way our Filipino school kids see life in contrast with the belief of older people.

We now have evidence of an earlier inhabitant of the archipelago which have caused textbooks to re-write theories of the origin of the Filipino race.  The old belief states that we are of a mixture of malay and negritos and the Tabon Man fossil remains created a shadow of doubt on this theory. 

During recitation, kids will get a minor relief in naming and memorizing only 8 planets orbiting around the sun.  On the other hand, Sesame Street and other educational kiddie shows will have to ban the showing of episodes that contains lessons about the 9 planets.  Songs and nursery rhymes, posters, millions of science books and encyclopedias is on phase out mode because of this.  The saddest part, the disney dog and pal of Mickey Mouse will now be less relevant as well as thousands of brands, products, characters and company names.  Let’s see how would you introduce yourself if you were named after it.  “Hi, my name is pluto, and i was named after an ex-planet of the solar system which is now just an orbiting dwarf, no thanks to genius scientists who after looking at powerful telescopes for years only took notice of my irregular behavior recently and demoted me to almost like a dancing piece of rock.”

There will also be a new and more convincing reason for kids to be aware or be conscious about the environment.  Global Warming and Climate Change, both are scientific terms that has become like ordinary household words thanks to the unbelievable and freakish weather we all are experiencing right now.  Before we tell our kids.. “Ang basurang itinapon mo ay babalik din sa iyo.”  Now it’s.. “Ang basurang itinapon mo ang siyang papatay sa iyo.”

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