BeFunky_CIMG5621.jpgI saw in one of the known malls here in Mega Manila years ago this automated mobile charging dock that allows you to charge your phones and ipods for a few minutes by dropping a few coins on its slot.  I then remember thinking that in no time someone would bring in an all-in-one loading technology here in the Philippines that will operate in the same manner.  And within months there it is – the ULOAD machines like a mushroom started appearing from every corners of the Metro.


ULOAD is a vending machine that sells electronic prepaid credit.  It is fast, easy-to-use and an efficient prepaid credit selling machine.  Here are some things that I found out about this machine:

  • ULOAD is owned and operated by MINDMAP COMMTECH INC., a company specializing in the distribution of automated kiosks dispensing electronic credits/loads.
  • ULOAD’s technology came from Thailand and it is the first and only one of its kind here in the Philippines.
  • It is user and Filipino-friendly as it not only has a very intuitive interface, it boasts of Tagalog-speaking instructions also.
  • ULOAD transaction takes only about a minute or two to complete and the load transferred (personal experience using my mobile phone) within 10 to 15 seconds.
  • ULOAD has a backend system that can monitor all transactions daily and a customer care team that will attend to customer concerns.
  • ULOAD carries prepaid credit of all cellular telecommunication companies. Namely: Smart, Globe, Sun, Talk ’n text, TM and Red. Aside from those prepaid credits, it also carries other services such as Online game credit.
  • Additional services such as Prepaid Cable TV credits, Prepaid Telephone credits, Horoscope and TV voting pins are in the pipeline.

BeFunky_CIMG5652.jpgThe usual Eloading process involves either an individual load seller (a friend or an officemate or a classmate) or a sari-sari store outlet that offers Eloading services.  The usual problems that we have with this system is most of the time ‘human error.’  Either the eloader forgets to send you the load or sends the load to a different number or sends you the wrong amount of load credit.  Another problem is when they ran out of load credits for a particular network or brand.

With ULOAD human error is diminished, well that’s the general idea.  The other advantage is that it’s like a 24 hour convenience store.  You can get your load anytime of the day when you want it.  A ULOAD machine (as long as its franchise owner is responsible enough to put in enough credits on it) will never close and will never sleep.  24-7 access all the time even on holidays.

The ULOAD Machine

ULOAD machines are very durable and space saving too. It consumes less than one square meter in space and one has the option to hang it on the wall like an ATM or to deploy it with a stand to be able to place in any open space.  It has a built-in motion sensor and alarm system.

For business owners and entrepreneurs out there, ULOAD is also a great franchising opportunity.  MINDMAP COMMTECH INC. is currently offering the ULOAD franchise at Php 8,000.00 only plus an initial load inventory of Php 10,000.00.   The initial load inventory is refundable depending on your usage of it at the end of the contract.   Currently, the range of the return of investment of a ULOAD franchise is about 5-7 months but results may vary because this would highly depend on the location of the machines of course.BeFunky_CIMG5661.jpg

According to ULOAD bosses DRUCE and LANCE TAN, the locations that are usually great for ULOAD machines are:

  • Transportation Hubs
  • Educational and Medical Institutions
  • Offices and Call Centers
  • Groceries, Pharmacies and Retail Establishments
  • Neighborhood Stores, Fastfood Chains and Restaurants
  • Gas Stations and Community Centers

Robinons Manila 3What makes the ULOAD franchise a good business?  Well I can think of two things:

  1. Live while you earn.  It’s easy to set up, look for a viable location, buy the franchise, put up the machine and then all you have to do is monitor your business through the FRANCHISEE WEB PORTAL.  Unlike the regular Eload business where you need to do everything from buying credits to sending loads to customers.  With ULOAD, sit back relax and just plan your next business venture while you earn.
  2. Low operating cost.  The machine consumes only around a 12Kwh of electricity a month which will cost you around 100 – 120 pesos only.  It is a low maintenance machine.

I’m thinking of getting my own franchise, however, of course I will need a good location to put it.  Will have to do some feasibity studies first.  But for those who have a great location already – I think this is going to be a profitable business for you.  For more info visit ULOAD’s website at

ULOAD Revolutionizing the E-Loading Business
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