Kapuso Singer and Guillermo Mendoza awardee for Most Promising Male Recording Artist of 2020 Anthony Rosaldo has a new song out amidst the escalating pandemic situation in the Philippines.

When asked if it is a good time for recording artists to be releasing their works while the world is experiencing a global health crisis, Anthony said that it is. He further elaborates that now that everyone are mostly confined to their homes and tied to their devices almost the whole day especially for entertainment – launching a new music might actually be a good idea because their target audience are now “all ears” so-to-speak.

Music fans now have all the time in the world to just listen to the all the music that they like any time of the day – uninterrupted.

PWEDENG TAYO is Anthony Rosaldo’s third single under GMA Music. Anthony considers the new song as a blessing as it is actually the love child of four (4) songwriters – Vehnee Saturno, Davey Langit, Jonathan Manalo, and Edwin Marollano.

Another reason why he considers “Pwedeng Tayo” a blessing is because the music project came at a time when he was at his lowest, battling depression and questioning his life and career – the music literally lifted him up and gave him a reason to go on, move forward and look into a brighter future.

A newly revived Anthony is now looking forward to writing his own songs for future releases and to improve on his acting craft as well. A good sign.

Pwedeng Tayo is now available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and other digital stores worldwide.

Check out the full interview in this video:

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