In the recently concluded 15th Philippine Feng Shui Convention held last November 24 at the Novotel Hotel Araneta City, the country’s one-and-only Feng Shui Queen Marites Allen, announced the forecast for all the 12 animal signs in the 2020 Year of the Metal Rat.

January 25, 2020 is designated as the start of the Year of the Metal Rat.

The RAT, an ally of the Dragon, Monkey and Ox, is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac hierarchy, which follows a 12-year cycle – a rat year will not come around again until 2032.

The RAT year is very much a period of renewed energy, enthusiasm and hope for better circumstances. This new year will be triumphant, as it will be the start of a new dawn and a reassuring progress when it comes to our love and relationship, career, money, prosperity and good fortune.

Here are the highlights for each signs:


Good fortune luck prefers good vibrations, so try to be patient and keep your temper in check. Be careful not to drive away blessings in the form of money or job promotion. Capture the heavenly fortune by wearing Peace and Harmony accessories. To create a happy, healthy and peaceful home, display your peace amulets in the North and wealth enhancers in the center of your home. You may be misunderstood and misjudged; try to keep the peace, especially in the family. Always have the Tai Sui Amulets or display some Tai Sui Protection in the Northwest sector.


Time to start fresh! Let go of past mistakes and hardships. You are a decision away from a completely different life. This year, you have that Midas touch – the ability to make money with ease. This is a great time to learn something new or start a new venture or project. Guard from all risks by making sure every step is documented and accounted for. Display images of your allies, the bejeweled Ox, Snake, and Rooster to enhance your business and career luck. Wear the powerful wealth and success charm to convert misfortune into good fortune. A long-time friendship may soon end. Let things be. Such is life.


Congratulations, the victory and fulfillment star has arrived in your chart! You need to keep your mind and body in sync to achieve great income luck this year. Too many things lurk in your head, and those things will be very hard to achieve if your body does cooperate. Keep a bejeweled image of your secret friend, the Prosperity Boar or your own animal sign Tiger to help you achieve your goals. Try to focus on and stabilize your current ventures instead of starting something new. You MUST have the auspicious Victory Tower amulet for overall success!


The misfortune star may bring threats to your wealth potential. However, opportunities for travel, networking, and new relationships may still be forthcoming. Just have a sound budget to survive the financial challenges. Wear the Ultimate Mantra Medallion and the 5-Element Pagoda Charm to protect you from losses and to keep your creative energies high. Pay close attention to how people perceive you as the people around you are either fans or detractors. Have the bejeweled Prosperity Rabbit, Sheep & Boar to enhance family and business luck. Install and Rhino & Elephant plaque at the center of your home to avert any business losses.


It will be a busy year with possible cash blessings arriving as windfall! All aspects of your life look positive and happy; however, you need to be more careful with your health. Protect yourself from energies that may cause you to fall sick. Bringing the special Endurance mantra amulet will help. There could also be imminent danger of being robbed either in your personal or business dealings. You cannot afford any more financial losses this time around so always have anti-robbery protection with you. To energize your wealth throughout the year, have symbols of Dragons or Rooster near your working space.


Your money luck from last year may continue even without hard work. Enhance your good fortune by wearing Windfall and Heavenly luck accessories. Be vigilant, though, as the Robbery Star may steal some of your good luck! Avoid lending money to family or friends unless you won’t mind getting paid or not. Business opportunities and auspicious connections are possible but be mindful because even a simple oversight can cause you hard-earned cash. You MUST have the Tree of Life with Evil Eye for prosperity and protection luck! Single or Married Snakes are advised to use the Shawl with Peonies and Mandarin Ducks emblems for love luck.


The year 2020 will be all about your overall well-being. When problems arise, deal with them fast. Focus on caring for yourself as the threats of illness and your conflict with the ruling Rat sign may cause more obstacles you have never seen before. Prioritize your health at all cost and ensure that your feng shui protectors are in place before Chinese New Year begins. Health and Longevity amulets and Anti-illness Charm are absolute MUSTS as they will help protect your physical and mental health. Your health should come first this year; work and everything else should come in second. Health is wealth!


This 2020, unleash your networking skills to grow your business! Love and career prospects are looking great! Reconnect with family and old friends and make new memories with them. Prioritize them over your business and work commitments. Boost your friendship luck even further with the Prosperity Amulet. For career and business luck, enhance the Southwest corner of your office with images of the Drago tortoise or Lucky bamboo plant. Activate your love luck with the Bejeweled Mystic Knot or Lotus, especially if you are thinking of expanding your family. A great year for matriarchs especially those who are running their own businesses.


You are blessed with Heaven luck especially because the Rat is your great ally! Good fortune luck will pour in your direction, so surround yourself with good vibrations to allow positivity to come in unobstructed! There will be plenty of travel opportunities for you. Get a new auspicious bird painting in bed of coins, wear the shawl or tree of life charms and use this time to expand your network or business. Promotions, getting married, starting a new family are in the cards. Women may activate the Southwest corner with Love symbols or bring them as a charm. Consider a new career, new direction or even learning a new language!


Your power and authority luck make you the go-to-guy this 2020. Everyone seeks your support in business. Business expansions both in technology and land property assets may bring excellent returns. Your luck is further magnified by the prosperity star in your chart this year. Avoid unnecessary expenses and manage your money well. Bring the anti-robbery amulet for protection. If you are vying for promotion or salary increase, wear the powerful Ruyi medallion to neutralize any threat of politics and jealousy. Place a family of bejeweled prosperity roosters, dragons & ox at home or in the office. Alliance between a monkey and rooster will be auspicious.


You will benefit from wealth luck this year 2020. Although some of your past investments could incur losses, overall, you may still see some positive growth. Your business and professional expertise will be sought after, bringing you more wealth opportunities. Patriarchs in business will have easier time generating income this year. Enhance the northwest with auspicious wealth vase, water foundations or infinity figures. Keep your wealth and success medallion or key chain close to you. Maintain your pace and rest when you are tired, but do not quit. Manage stress and fend off sickness vibes with the anti-illness amulet.


It will be a busy year with lots of cash coming from property and various past investments. Place your wealth enhancers in the northwest, southeast or southwest sectors of your home or office before the start of Chinese New Year. A few may question your blessings especially if you refuse to help them financially. Accept that some jealous people will badmouth you and will not be happy with your success. Bring the lucky nine accessory and peace amulets to protect you from these bad vibes. Place an image of your ally, the lucky Tiger, in the northeast and your prosperity Boar in the northwest.

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