David Licauco, the star of ALV Films’ 2nd full length big screen feature Because I Love You reveals his softer side in a recent intimate pocket media conference.

Athletic, good looking and rich – David has it all even before joining showbiz or winning the 1st runner-up title of Mr. Chinatown way back in 2014.

Qualities that he shared with Rael his character in Because I Love You. Apart from these, David said that the way he talk and his views about love and relationships are almost the same as his.

Only difference he saw are clothing and style, and Rael’s fear of ghosts – because in real life he’s not.

When asked about the advantages and disadvantages of being rich and getting into a serious relationship, David said that the most obvious advantage is that you will definitely get a lot of attention from girls especially those who aims for stability in life but the disadvantage is also that, it’s hard to tell if your partner is really in love with you or just want something else.

David also shared that falling in love with a simple girl like Shaira Diaz’s character “Summer” in Because I Love You in real life is very possible.

“Kahit bumbero basta ‘down-to-earth’, simple girl lang, di ko naman kailangan ng mayaman,” he shared.

Speaking of Shaira, David also shared the qualities that she liked about her co-star.

“She’s a very person, face pa lang n’ya happy na all the time. She’s very bubbly. Masipag sya na tao, nakaka-impress sya lalo na nung mapanood ko yun “Tunay Na Buhay” episode nya sa GMA.”

David also shared some intimate details about his past relationships. He said that his shortest was about less than an hour long, longest was 2 years.

He had his first girlfriend in Grade 6 which lasted for 3 months. The 2nd one was in 2nd year high school which lasted 6 months. His third and most serious was in 4th Year high school and it was with the same girl she dated in Grade 6. The relationship lasted for 2 years.

His last and most recent also lasted for 2 years.

When asked if his him and his grade 6 and high school love could get back together again, David said that the two of them met just recently, but sadly, he confirmed that the two of them have grown too far apart.

To end, David said that his next would probably be his forever.

“I’ll make sure na yun next person na makaka-relationship ko will be the one that I’ll marry.”

David, now 24, plans to settle down at the age of 27. Calling all the bachelorettes out there – it’s going to be like Prince Charming’s three-year search for his Cinderella.

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