Manny Pacquiao together with Dr. Jeffrey Lin, the CEO of Global Crypto Offering Exchange or GCOX and his business manager Arnold Vegafria announced in a press conference last Friday the global launch of Pac Token and its very own digital payment environment called PacPay.

The launch which will be presented by GCOX is scheduled on September 1 at the Araneta Coliseum and will feature the Pinoy boxing legend in his very first live concert together with other guest artists.

There’s no word yet on how fans can get tickets but it was said during the presscon that the concert is going to be free.

Pac Token

GCOX is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange and the world’s first platform to offer celebrities and brands a unique way to capitalize on blockchain technology in order to develop, monetize and revitalize their popularity and converting it to personalized crypto tokens that are quantifiable and exchangeable.

Utility tokens such as Manny Pacquiao’s Pac Token will allow fans to gain access to unique celebrity programmes, merchandise and other services that will be available via its own revolutionary blockchain e-wallet and e-payment solution called PacPay.

Pac Token which is built on the Acclaim Blockchain technology offers fans with a host of exclusive features in the PacPay app such as:

GCOX Exchange

A global trading platform where user can buy, sell and trade celebrity crypto tokens.


Celebrities will share their success stories, fulfill personal wish-list items requested by fans and connect via pay-per-view live streaming.


A unique and bespoke talent discovery platform to allow fans to have greater engagement with their favorite celebrities and to be discovered by movers and shakers of the entertainment industry.


Fans can purchase exclusive celebrity merchandises and global merchants will be invited on board to list their products and services.


Provide a convenient and accessible platform for celebrities and fans to participate in selected charitable projects around the world.

PacPay e-Wallet

Aside from being the official crypto exchange platform of Pac Tokens, PacPay is also envisioned to become a leading digital payment solution – an e-wallet and e-payment mobile application as well as a point-of-sale solution that allows users and merchants to make purchases or accept payments using both Pac Tokens and fiat currency. Customers are envisaged to be able to pay for their groceries, purchase movie tickets, book flights and more, using the PacPay app.

With a PacPay e-Wallet, users can now buy and manage their Pac Tokens and Pac Credits on their devices in a secure and convenient way. Users are able to track their transactions, pay for goods and services at supported merchants, engage in peer-to-peer transfers and monitor supported digital assets like ACM, BTC and ETH alongside the Pac Tokens.

Apart from managing digital assets, the Pacpay e-Wallet will enable users to spend their digital assets, both online and offline at merchants all over the Philippines. Users can convert their Pac Tokens or other digital assets into Pac Credits and make purchases at their favorite stores.

When a user requests to convert Pac Tokens to pac Credits, a sell order is placed on the GCOX exchange via an API or Application Programming Interface. Users will receive the Pac Credits based on the conversion rate at the time of request. With the Pac Credits, users can pay for products and services at approved merchants simply by scanning a QR Code.

In summary, GCOX said that a high percentage of users will be making the transition to digital payments systems in one form or another. PacPay aims to provide a seamless payment system globally by taking advantage of the safe and secure blockchain architecture and adding the ability to deal with cryptocurrencies and fiat equivalent credits.

Aside from Manny Pacquiao, GCOX has also signed in football legend Michael Owen, tennis superstar Caroline Wozniaki and award-winning pop star Jason Derulo. These celebrities are not just celebrity ambassadors, but also partners who are issuing and listing their own celebrity tokens on the GCOX exchange.

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