In the game of life it is not those who have the most money that triumphs but those who have mastery over it.

While it seems like it sometimes, a financially successful person is not measured only by the amount of money that he or she currently have but actually on how well he or she adapts to any given situation that allows him or her to grow even more. It is about being aware of the opportunities and challenges and knowing what to do about it. A combination of many things that can only be brought by experience and a lot of PRAXIS.

No that is not a typographical error – but you see PRAXIS and practice are pretty much the same.

By definition, PRAXIS is the process of using a theory or something that you have learned in a practical way. A term usually used in structured learning experiences (SLEs) and game play or by way of role playing and simulation.

Here in the Philippines, PRAXIS is also the name of the organization that advocates and offers financial literacy solutions to any person or organization.

Why is PRAXIS important to financial success?

In a recent World Bank study, they found out that about 98 million of Filipinos are not skilled or capable in making smart money decisions – in perspective, it tells us that only 2% of more than 100 million Filipinos are financially literate.

This is a very important study that answers a lot of questions which basically leads to the ultimate and most common query of all – WHY are many Filipinos poor?

While the lack of opportunities stay on top of the leaderboard of possible answers, a very close second is that many Filipinos doesn’t know what to do when faced with a grand opportunity. They haven’t mastered money yet!

And mastering money is very critical especially at this time when we are faced with the rising prices of commodities and a weakened peso.

Although the world of money can be difficult to understand, there is one activity that can serve as both an entertaining and learning experience to teach people how to effectively manage their money to prepare for their own financial freedom – and this is PRAXIS.

Developed in Singapore, PRAXIS is a financial literacy solution that focuses on enabling financial literacy and education through a game play. This unique and effective engagement and learning tool is now being utilized in educational institutions, financial services companies, government organizations and other leading companies in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Yesterday, I was invited to experience a round of PRAXIS gameplay at the newly built Praxis Financial Literacy Gym located at the ground floor of Classica Tower 1 in H.V. Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village near Makati Avenue and Buendia.

It was an awesome experience and I really had a great time playing at the Praxis Financial Literacy Gym – I ended up earning a total of 35,400 USD with a life cycle that’s mostly unemployed (which I am pretty much used to). Played my way through all the different business cycles from Boom, Recession, Slump and Recovery –  I survived by working on savings, insurance, retirement, a property and a couple of stock investments.

Each PRAXIS Gameplay is facilitated by a certified Game Master directing its flow and announcing realistic “Breaking News” such as health scares, drastic changes in stock prices, and other news bits players need to make decision about their money.

It’s like real life only much faster! Whoever makes the most money after the cycle wins the game and gets a chance to be on the Praxis Financial Literacy Gym Leaderboard – it’s like their own version of Forbes’ List of Richest People.

The great thing about the PRAXIS gameplay is that it can be customized to the specific needs of audience, whether for students as part of their class, for companies’ employee wellness programs, or for financial institutions’ recruitment and training sessions or for their sales and customer engagement.

It can also be played by kids as young as 10 years – they actually have a 9 year-old on the leaderboard.

Joining us at the event are Greg Martin, Praxis Director and Group Chief Executive Officer and Mari-an Albert, Praxis Philippines Chief Executive Officer.

Greg Martin
Mari-An Albert

“Just like in a regular gym where customers can access trainers to guide them on their workouts, here, at the Praxis financial gym, licensed financial advisers can partner with Praxis to guide people and help master money. This gym tones your money muscles for life.” said Albert.

We all need this game! Because not everyone can master money, but now YOU can!

To schedule a free PRAXIS demo email them at [email protected] or FOLLOW them on their FB and IG at @thepraxiscompany

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