Retired Colonel Ariel Querubin, a highly decorated soldier of the Philippine Marine Corps and a hero, is entering public service with a strong emphasis on unity and courage. His campaign seeks to unite leaders from diverse backgrounds to tackle the West Philippine Sea conflict with solidarity and strategic planning. Querubin envisions a government that reflects the strength and organization of a well-run ship guiding the nation towards advancement and prosperity.

As tensions escalate concerning the West Philippine Sea matter, Querubin promotes a cooperative strategy and encourages leaders to safeguard the country’s sovereignty together. His plea for joint effort against the common enemies mirrors his dedication to safeguarding the Filipino populace and their welfare.

Colonel Ariel Querubin is considered one of the most esteemed individuals in the history of the Filipino military. His outstanding career has been characterized by his extraordinary courage, steadfast integrity, and dedication to his nation. Since the outset, Querubin has demonstrated immense resolve and emerged as a bold leader in the Philippine Army.

Querubin’s military achievements are legendary, characterized by numerous acts of bravery in the face of adversity. Particularly notable is his near-death experience during a harrowing encounter with insurgents, where he demonstrated exceptional courage and resilience, earning him praise and admiration from both his comrades and superiors.

At the core of Querubin’s character are the values of courage, integrity, and loyalty. which he upholds both on and off the battlefield. He understands that true heroism is not solely measured by medals but by the strength of one’s character and convictions.

Querubin’s legacy goes beyond his military achievements. As a devoted family man, he strives to instill the same values in his children, emphasizing the importance of leaving behind a legacy of honor and dignity.

Throughout his extensive service, Querubin has made immeasurable contributions to the Philippine military. He played a crucial role in various battles and operations against insurgents and terrorists, demonstrating strategic brilliance and unmatched courage.

His leadership skills have inspired his fellow soldiers to reach new levels of excellence and valor.

Even in retirement, Colonel Ariel Querubin maintains his prominence in Philippine military history. His retirement ceremony was a testament to his distinguished career, attended by dignitaries, fellow soldiers, and grateful citizens who recognize him as a true patriot and a model of virtue.

Colonel Ariel Qurubin during a brief media encounter has stated some of the things at the top of his mind that he would likely pursue when elected into office:

  • Magna Carta for Women
  • A Law that provides full scholarship to all first-born
  • Free hospitalization for all senior citizen
  • Holistic modernization of the Philippine Arm Forces

Although he has stepped away from active duty, Querubin continues to serve his country in various capacities, including a venture into politics. His aim is to champion justice and national security. His valor has been acknowledged through the prestigious Medal of Valor bestowed upon him by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the highest military honor for a Filipino soldier.

Colonel Ariel Querubin’s name commands great respect and admiration in the annals of Filipino military history. His life story exemplifies courage, integrity, and loyalty—a true model of selfless service and steadfast commitment. As he looks ahead, Querubin is dedicated to creating a legacy of honor and excellence that will motivate future generations of Filipinos.

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