Inflexion Games is ramping up for the Early Access launch of Nightingale on February 21st with a new overview trailer. “This is Nightingale” shows what players can expect from the PVE survival-crafting game, coming very soon in Early Access for PC via Steam and Epic Game Store.

The new trailer showcases character customization, building and crafting, weapons and combat, exploration using Realm Cards, Apex creatures, Dungeons and multiplayer features. The latter includes The Watch, a social hub where Realm walkers can meet, plan adventures, pick up quests or jump into challenging dungeons together.

Inflexion Games has also confirmed a Twitch Drops campaign will be available at launch, from February 21 to 28. Unlock an exclusive, unique and Victorian-stylish teckel dog pet that will join the players during their adventures in the Fae Realms by watching any participating channel on Twitch.

Nightingale is a PVE survival-crafting game that challenges players to discover, explore and survive the mysterious Faewilds. Set in a Victorian gas lamp fantasy world, the game can be played solo or teamed up with up to 5 friends. Players traverse across the Realms and open portals to new destinations by crafting Realm Cards, while building and customizing estates, and fighting to survive.

Nightingale Early Access is set to release on February 21st, 2024 via Steam and Epic Game Store. Players who wish to know more can visit, join the official Discord, and wish list Nightingale now on both platforms.

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