DigiPlus Interactive Corporation (DigiPlus), a rapidly growing company in the digital entertainment industry in the Philippines, is expanding its portfolio to include BingoPlus Poker and Tongits+.

BingoPlus Poker is a comprehensive card app that caters to both casual and experienced players. It features various games such as TongIts, Lucky 9, Pusoy, and more. Players can test their luck and place bets by accessing the website gamefun.ph.

Tongits+ is a delightful platform that enables individuals to experience the excitement of partaking in the cherished Filipino casual card game on the internet, engaging in competition with fellow players, and obtaining various rewards for their achievements.

Players can redeem rewards using virtual coins earned in-game. They can also earn coins by completing app tasks or watching Tongits+’s livestream on Facebook from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

“We are very excited to share our new games with more Filipinos. At DigiPlus, we’ll continue to develop games to deliver fun and enjoyment to everyone, anytime and anywhere,” DigiPlus President Andy Tsui said.   

These latest offerings form part of DigiPlus’ move to continue to invest in new technologies and product development as part of its strategic priorities that would enable the company to sustain its growth momentum and achieve its goal to become the number one diversified leisure and entertainment hub in the country.

BingoPlus Poker is now available through gamefun.ph while TongIts+ is available for download on Google Play. 

Visit www.digiplus.com.ph for more information. 

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