Watsons Philippines, the leading brand in health, wellness, and beauty retail, continues to demonstrate its commitment to the environment through its annual coastal cleanup initiative. This endeavor reflects Watsons’ ongoing efforts to make a positive impact on both the planet and the community.

Coastal Cleanup

This year, Watsons joined forces with SM for the International Coastal Cleanup celebration at SM by the Bay, held on September 16. Recognizing the potential for a greater impact through collective action, Watsons, an affiliate of SM, collaborated as one of the teams that successfully contributed and collected an impressive 66,200 kilograms of trash during the activity.

The focal point of this year’s coastal clean-up was the iconic Manila Bay coastline, a heavily frequented area by the public. Watsons, along with the entire team, is dedicated to ensuring the continued cleanliness, beauty, and safety of this cherished destination.

“As a part of Watsons’ sustainability goals, we are committed to help clean up the environment, especially our waterways. One of the goals we’ve set for ourselves is to be able to collect 65,000kg of trash by 2030. It looks like a big goal to achieve but with our partnership with SM for the International Coastal Cleanup, we are one step closer to that,” says Senior Sustainability Manager, Lexie Coloma. 

A total of 12,580 volunteers, including Watsons employees, suppliers, partners, media representatives, and even social media influencers, gathered at dawn to contribute to this meaningful event and do their part in environmental preservation.

During the program, officials from DENR and the Coastguard conducted a brief orientation on coastal clean-up, emphasizing the proper care of our oceans and the importance of reducing plastic consumption. Participants were also encouraged to adopt the 3Rs – Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle.

Watsons not only encourages its employees to participate in the yearly coastal clean-up but also integrates sustainability practices into their daily routines.

“Ninety-eight percent of Watsons’ employees are trained in sustainability practices. As a company committed to doing good, our employees are empowered and provided opportunities to incorporate sustainability into their professional and personal lives,” Coloma added.

In addition to actively organizing and participating in coastal clean-ups, Watsons offers other sustainability programs like Recycle for Rewards and Trash to Cash. These initiatives incentivize customers to recycle in exchange for special Watsons deals. Furthermore, Watsons has partnered with Plastic Bank with the ambitious goal of collecting and recycling 40 million plastic bottles by 2030.

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